Zoom Tips

By: Heather Williams, Group Exercise Director


Here are a few helpful reminders when attending Zoom sessions:


  • Remember to Mute yourself when entering the session.
  • For Safety measures: If you must leave the session to attend to a personal matter, it is advised you do not resume the exercise session.
  • Please remember when you Zoom, you will be seen, as well as the others in your home and personal space. We encourage proper attire when participating in the Zoom sessions. We also encourage you to remind your family that the camera is “on”.
  • Speaking of being seen, while we know many prefer NOT to be seen, it is helpful for the instructors to see you. The instructors are unable correct your form in the Body Pump, Senior Strength or Yoga sessions if they can’t see you.


We thank you for participating in our Zoom Live Streams and look forward to continuing them.