We all know or have heard of the many benefits of yoga. This 5,000(+) year old practice has been credited with improving diabetes, high blood pressure heart disease and increasing one’s flexibility, strength and mind-body connection. In addition Yoga has many personal and social benefits with an added focus on concentration and the ability to quiet ones mind.


Our Tuesday 10:00—11:30am Yoga class will have a new focus this year. While the class will remain a gentle class the structure of the class will be different. The class will combine Yogic philosophy with the physical practice.


Audrey will begin each class with a brief discussion of the 8 limb path and then apply the philosophy through the physical practice.  Participants will have blocks, chairs and straps to amplify, assist and /or modify each asana (pose). Class will remain 90-minutes in duration and will end in Sivasana.

Club Hours
May 26, 2024 1:59pm