By: Katy Reid

“Discipline is remembering what you want.“ – David Campbell

A few decades ago I learned the value of endurance workouts when I was regularly running marathons and logging 60-mile weeks. The weekly long (2-3 hour) run of 15-20 miles was magical for both my mental and physical health. Although I have since replaced the running with lower impact activities like spinning, cardio machines, and swimming, the long cardio workout has remained the foundation for my weekly fitness schedule.

The time I spend on these long workouts makes me so much more productive in my regular life that I feel like it gives me additional hours in my day. After I’ve moved long enough and hard enough at a consistent pace for at least 60-90 minutes, I am happy, confident, and almost stress-free. Shorter, less-intense cardio workouts certainly don’t have the same effect for me.

The physical benefits of my endurance training have also been enormous.  When I was training for marathons, for instance, I could lower my race times in shorter races simply by running one longer run per week, even if I didn’t train at a faster-than-usual pace. Currently, the long workouts are key for helping me to maintain my weight and fitness level.

Exciting recent research has shown that endurance and high-intensity interval workouts can be anti-aging at a cellular level! Perhaps that explains why I am still about 34 years old! I try to incorporate both endurance and high-intensity intervals into my INTERVAL CYCLE CHALLENGES. The workouts are 60-80 minutes with different music and interval lengths each week. If you don’t have a bike at home, you can use any cardio machine.There are also two spin bikes and cardio machines in the fitness center.

Contact  Heather at to get the weekly INTERVAL CYCLE CHALLENGES. I encourage you to work up gradually to the 60-80 minutes unless you are currently doing weekly endurance training.  As a guideline, increase your total time by no more than 10% per week to avoid injury. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.


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