My fitness journey started only three years ago, I was unhealthy, unhappy and overweight. I was a member back then and some people still remember me being, looking and behaving as a totally different person. I had no energy to wake up in the morning and no drive to do anything. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood sugar. My lower back was killing me after a car accident that happened many years ago. I was buying shoes with no laces because I couldn’t bend down to tie them. The only answers I was getting from doctors was having a spinal fusion and taking statins and blood regulating pills that cause all kinds of problems and also are almost irreversible – once you get on them you have a little to no chance to get off of them. I didn’t like the alternative provided by doctors so I decided to take my destiny in my own hands. I decided to radically change my diet and start working out very seriously. At the beginning it was very hard to overcome the lack of energy and motivation. But the more I was doing this the better I felt and it gave me motivation to continue and with time, while increasing my training frequency. With proper guidance I quickly got to a different place. I actually felt so healthy and strong that I decided to start my powerlifting career. In only one year of doing so I was able to break four Maryland record sand one National record. I was able to solve so many of my own health problems so I started helping other people. At some point I realized that I like it so much so I decided to make it my second profession. I got certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and joined my friends on the Aspen Hill Club Team.


Club Hours
April 16, 2024 2:25pm