By: Heather Williams, Group Exercise Director


Now that our Fitness Center has reopened here are a few tips for working out in a mask.

If you have asthma or underlying respiratory issues please consult with your physician prior to resuming your exercise regimen.

Choose a mask made of synthetic breathable materials made of two cloth layers or less. The lack of layers will keep your face from becoming overheated. The synthetic fabric will prohibit the mask from becoming drenched in perspiration and becoming less effective for the spread of infection.

Should you choose to wear a gaiter as your face covering. Make sure it properly fits and keeps your nose covered throughout the workout session. Please note that gaiters will provide better air flow but you may be exchanging breathability for protection from infection.

Whichever you chose, plan to carry several masks for your workout session. A wet mask makes breathing more difficult and is less effective in preventing the spread of infection.

Pace yourself through your workout and listen to your body. Studies from the American Council on Exercise have demonstrated exercising at one’s regular pace has rendered the exerciser to experience dizziness and overheating, Allow yourself proper time to adjust to the change in the workout.

Stay hydrated, Make sure you are properly hydrated before your workout (during and after). We welcome you back to our Fitness Center and we hope to provide a great experience as we all navigate through our “new normal”.

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May 26, 2024 1:56pm