Please contact Tina at to ensure she has your most recent email on file. When you reach out, please be sure that all of your information is updated in our system, including: emails, phone numbers, address, credit card number, and emergency contact etc. 

  1. Why are we asking for your updated email? Member statements must be emailed to you since we will not be able to mail them to you at this time. Please take this time to consider transferring to paperless billing.
  2. Why are we asking for your updated contact information? If we are going to be updating your email, let’s make sure we have the rest of your contact information up to date! This also includes having an Emergency Contact name, relationship and phone number on file. If anything happens to you while at the Club, we want to ensure we are able to contact your loved ones immediately.

  3. I am already getting emails from the Club, why do I need to contact Tina with my email address? Our email system (Constant Contact) and our billing system, are different! We may have the correct email in our email system and we may have an old one on file in our billing system. Please help us update our billing system. (There is no way to transfer this information from our email system.)


Club Hours
May 26, 2024 1:34pm