By: Danielle Bouchard, General Manager


Here I am writing to you from home and wishing I was at the Club providing you the customer service I have become accustomed to providing. There is much to tell you, what the team has done, what services the team continues to provide and how the team is trying to help brighten your day.

The first thing we (AHC) did on March 16, 2020 when we realized we were going to be closed for a good period of time was to communicate to you that we had your back.  We knew you would have questions regarding our next billing and what we would do regarding prepaid programs.

March 17, 2020, I wrote a short note regarding Governor Hogan’s mandated closure. Based on not knowing how long we (AHC) would be closed, we would do everything we could to help make you whole once we would get back to work.

Since then, on March 19, I wrote a short message ensuring you that we were working on how to proceed in the next week regarding member accounts and that it was important to address everyone collectively versus individually.

That was followed by another message on March 25, 2020, letting you know that we would not be processing dues billing until we would reopen. Some of you have asked about dues that were billed prior to April and we have decided, once we reopen, you will not be charged for that first month’s dues. So, please rest assured we do have your back.

Since our reopen date is unknown, we ask for your patience regarding our prepaid programs. We thank you in advance for understanding and we certainly miss you and can’t wait to get back to work!

Now to address what has been taking place behind the scenes:

Zaf Khan continues to manage the physical property.  That is an especially important task at the moment as it usually is.

Heather Williams and some of our group exercise team have been conducting virtual classes for you.  Based on participation, those classes are well attended – so THANK YOU…to you the member and the team for making it happen!

Alex Aleshin-Guendel has been the executer of making sure all those videos and messages have been put on our website and all social media platforms. Without her knowledge on this, well, I’d be lost!

Elliott Datlow has been putting out virtual tennis tips and lessons. Check him out while he is guiding us on how to improve the game, by ourselves, up against a wall! How’s that!

John Kecman and Cory Hill have been putting out virtual classes and exercises for you to do in the space of your own home.  What a team for ensuring that they are keeping you engaged and working out.

John Woodend has been writing some very thought-provoking Facebook posts. If you haven’t seen them yet, look up John’s posts on our AHC Facebook page. All very much worth the read.

Mindy Carter, Frances Cardea have been assisting me administratively with our team’s payroll, member accounts, the recent COVID-19 laws and how we are impacted. We continue to seek what benefits we may be eligible for and how we go about gaining those benefits. It has been non-stop for us. We now know the definition of 24/7!

I am grateful for my team – Thank you for all that you do!  I am grateful for you, our member. I hope that you have the patience to hang in there with us (AHC). We (AHC) are doing the best we can during these unprecedented times. There is a first for everything…this is my first, as it is for many of you, of this sort of thing!

Be well – stay safe – can’t wait to see you again!   Danielle Bouchard, GM


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