Employment Opportunity

We are seeking employees for our maintenance department. Part-time, days and weekends are available. Some benefits. Membership is included. Contact Danielle Bouchard at dbouchard@aspenhillclub.com Or Call (301) 598-5200 ext., 110.

NOW HIRING: Tennis Court & Outdoor Maintenance Staff

Employment: Would you like to work outside?  The Aspen Hill Club is seeking 2 or more staff for seasonal outdoor employment.  11:00am – 3:00pm or 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Benefits include MOCO paid sick leave, use of the facility, potential 401k. Hourly wages included. Contact Danielle Bouchard at dbouchard@aspenhillclub.com.

“THE END IS IMPORTANT IN ALL THINGS” Yamamoto Tsuentomo (Hagakure)

By: John Woodend, Reception Director   In Aikido, moves are called arts. Each art is divided into three separate parts. The first, is called the “attack”. That is when one’s partner, your personal assailant, comes at you with a punch, a hold or grab, or a slash with a weapon. The second part of the […]

How To Use Kourts – Our FREE Tennis Court Reservation App

If you are a tennis player at the Club we encourage you to download our FREE tennis court reservation app, KOURTS. Here is a link on how the use the app. Most members have already been entered in the Kourts system on our end. If you are having an issue accessing the Club’s courts on […]


By: John Woodend, Reception Desk Director   When I was around eight or nine years old, my mother grounded me. I was very rarely punished and was often considered a “Good Kid”, by the various wardens incorporated in my life. Now, I don’t remember what I did to get grounded, but I do clearly remember the […]

A Little Bit More About Your GM

By: Danielle Bouchard, GM   The dog photo that you see is one of my yellow lab, Gertrude, “Gertie” or “Gertz” for short. This photo was taken at Indian Lake, PA her favorite place! In late 2018, Gertie was diagnosed with a protein deficiency. I had taken her for a routine check-up and had blood […]

Helpful Links

Hi Everyone! With everyone working from home, including your AHC staff, I wanted to put together a master list of information to ensure you are getting all of the information we are providing you! These are things we have been sharing with you recently: Club-wide updates, including info on billing, membership dues, pool construction, etc. […]

Member Spotlight: The Sanchez Family “Found It” at AHC! October 2019

Three years ago, Lee entered his then 10 year old, Lola, in a tennis tournament at Aspen Hill Club. After seeing the Club, Lee said to himself, “WHAT? This is here?” and the rest is history. All three kids have found a place at the Club, all while Fannie and Lee stay very active with […]

Welcome New Trainer, Dmitry Tepper!

My fitness journey started only three years ago, I was unhealthy, unhappy and overweight. I was a member back then and some people still remember me being, looking and behaving as a totally different person. I had no energy to wake up in the morning and no drive to do anything. I had high blood […]

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