By: Heather Williams, Group Exercise Director


  1. While waiting for the class to begin, keep your mic on mute. The instructors will give cues as to when you can unmute; they will also mute the group while the class is in session.


  1. We respect your privacy and understand many prefer not to be seen. Please realize in our Body Pump and Mind-Body classes the instructors cannot see you and therefore will not be able to correct form and offer assistance.


  1. When taking the class I encourage you to do your best to complete the full class. In the event, you get tired you can go at your own pace or sit to catch your breath. I would not encourage sitting to have a snack or to take a phone call; If you must take a business call, I would suggest you not resume the class as it may be challenging to sustain your aerobic output.


  1. When finishing a class/meeting please be sure to leave the meeting. When you select “end meeting” it does not end your session. In essence, you are leaving us in your home.


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July 22, 2024 9:08am