Key to Success: How to Purchase the Right Tennis Racquet

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buy Tennis RacquetGrowing up, my first tennis racquet was only $15 from Modell’s Sporting Goods. I had gone through a lot of battles with that plastic racquet until the frame completely bent on me during a match. I had truly outgrown that racquet as I was hitting the ball so big that it literally bent and crumbled in my hand. So it was time for a new one, a real one this time.

My dad had a racquet that he had used for a while and he passed it down to me. It was the Wilson Jack Kramer Pro-staff with the orange wooden handle. I had built up quite the callus on my hand due to that racquet but I loved it. I was having great success with that racquet until my dad had the bright idea of switching me to a Yonex racquet. At the time Monica Seles was doing extremely well with that racquet beating Steffi Graf in Grand Slams. (more…)

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Abhishek Kolli – “Keep Getting Better, Every Day!”

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Abhishek Kolli and his father Satya are both committed to getting better on the tennis court, and the results are showing!

Last December, Abhishek played tennis with Isaac Kritz at a USTA tournament, and the Kritz family highly recommended that Abhishek try the tennis program at our Club. From there, Abhishek is showing great improvement, and his father isn’t far behind.

Abhishek met with our Tennis Director Terrance Scott for an evaluation, and quickly got involved with our program. “I could tell how caring the coaches were, and they provide great instruction,” explained Satya.  Abhishek adds “Mike [Gee] really helps me understand things, and Terrance is so nice.” Terrance placed Abhishek  in our Future Stars program, which is designed for players that are committed to becoming USTA national level players. “Abhishek works really hard, and listens extremely well. When I saw that — I knew we needed him in our program. He makes everyone around him better” explains Terrance. (more…)


Key to Success: Serve Like A Pitcher – July 2018

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If you follow baseball, you know that some of the greatest pitchers in the major leagues have a variety of pitches that they can execute at any time. They have a fastball, curveball, knuckleball, slider and off speed pitch. The pitcher will use different pitches based on what the batter likes and doesn’t like. For example, if the batter is phenomenal at hitting fast balls, the pitcher would intentionally throw everything but the fastball. The pitcher would also throw pitches that he knows the batter struggles with. (more…)


Tennis Etiquette

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By: Terrance Scott, Tennis Director

The game of tennis is by tradition one of focus and concentration, which is embraced by all who play the game. During play it is typically silent as observed by those on the professional level. It is important that we strive to embrace the proper etiquette passed on from  generations of the sport. Listed below are some friendly reminders on how we should conduct ourselves as students of the game. Please read every topic to ensure we treat our club and this sport with the upmost respect it deserves. (more…)


Key to Success: How to Survive Brutal Outdoor Conditions – May 2018

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Cold Weather – On very cold days, it is very important that you layer up. It is better for you to have too many layers on than too few. As you start to warm up, start taking layers off. I would also recommend long tights, shorts or skirt over the tights and then sweat pants on top of everything. That should keep your body nice and warm and loose. As for your hands, try and have pockets with fleece material on the interior. Another option would be hand warmer rocks.

There is a packet that you can buy that will heat up once you crunch up the little rocks. You may purchase that and keep them in your pocket as well. It is very important to keep your hands warm. If your hands get super cold and numb, it will be very difficult to feel your shots and maneuver the racquet the way you would like. (more…)


Summer Outdoor Tennis Tournaments

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Men’s 50’s Singles – Lawrence Detterville def. Greg Owens, 5-1 by default

Women’s 50’s Singles – Carolle O’Neil def. Elaine Yuan, 6-3, 6-2

Men’s 70’s Singles – Michael Gurmai def. Michel Loir, 6-0, 6-0

Women’s 70’s Singles – Barbara Pace won our round robin

Men’s 60’s Singles – Steve Reed def. Bob Monsheimer, 5-7, 6-1, 10-5

Women’s 50’s Doubles – Linda Shaffer & Riette van Laack won our round robin

Men’s 70’s Doubles – coming soon

Men’s 60’s Doubles – Mike Makuch & Mike Moriarty won our round robin

Women’s 60’s Doubles – Barbara Pace & Manette Tao won our round robin

Men’s 3.5 Singles – Bryan Cook won our round robin

Men’s 3.0 Singles – Jim Vires won our round robin

Men’s 4.0 Singles – Chris Robinson def. Kyle Wexler, 6-0, 6-1

Women’s 3.0 Doubles – Linda Shaffer and Ruth Randle won our round robin