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Beginner Tennis Drills for Adults

Aspen Hill Club Adult Tennis

Whether you are a beginner or brushing up on your tennis skills, our four-week group lessons will give you the instruction you need. Choose 1-hour sessions weekday or weekend. You must be registered to attend. Current Classes offered:

Monday, 12:00-1:00 pm
Monday, 7:00 – 8:00pm
Thursday, 7:00-8:00 pm

Saturday, 8:00-9:00 am

Questions? Please contact the Tennis Department at 301-598-5200 ext. 119.

We offer competitive singles and doubles match play programs throughout our indoor season. Courts, schedules, balls, and scorecards are provided.

Improve your shot and strategy through practice drills by our tennis professionals. Drills are available for levels 2.5 to 4.5+.

Coach Ilan offers weekly sign-ups for all levels throughout the week. See below for a list of current class offerings.


Reserved Season Court Time (RSCT) lets players organize groups and reserve court time over a 26 or 27-week season (October 1st to April 15th) on a specific day and time, with the assistance of the Tennis Department. Available to players of all levels and includes Men’s and Women’s Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

Tennis Lessons & Clinics

Aspen Hill Club Tennis

Learn from the best! The Aspen Hill Club’s professional teachers will help you improve your skills.

Spot time courts are for reserved play only. Reservations can be made no more than seven days in advance and only by Presidential members.


The Ball Machine is available for Presidential members to use on indoor courts 4 and 5. We offer per hour rentals, currently $20 + tax. Book the Ball Machine through the Front Desk or on the Kourts app on Court #4. We offer a Gold Membership which allows you unlimited use for a year.

Men’s and Women’s Interclub and Greater Washington Tennis Association (GWTA) matches are played in the spring and fall each year. Aspen Hill Club hosts a variety of women’s teams from Interclub and GWTA as well as a Ladies 50+ team and a Senior Men’s Interclub team.

UTR at the Aspen Hill Club

UTR at the Aspen Hill ClubWe are very excited to be a UTR partner Club! UTR is fabulous because it will determine a rating for all players. As you already know, Aspen Hill Club is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to improve our tennis programming and create unique play opportunities for our players. As such, AHC will be incorporating UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) into our programming and creating new and exciting tournaments, events, and match play opportunities for all of our players.

The beauty of the UTR rating is that it is the same scale for everyone. A UTR rating is on a scale of 1 through 16.5. This differs from a USTA NTRP rating score which goes up to 7.0 with different scales for male and female players. Using a UTR rating, Roger Federer has a rating of 15.68, Serena Williams is a 12.88, and one of the Club’s top male members is a 7.99. Everyone is on the same scale! This number is entirely different from a USTA NTRP rating. The UTR number allows us understand levels in a better way and a way to compare a male rated 3.5 USTA to a female player who is rated 4.0. This will help us all have more competitive matches and events. Having the most competitive matches possible is our goal with our UTR programming.

UTR ratings are determined by two things, your opponent’s RATING and the SCORE against them. If I had a close match against someone rated much higher than me, my rating will go UP. If I only won a few games against someone below me, my rating would drop a little bit. UTR’s algorithm has other factors such as length of the match and how long ago the match was. With these bits of info, UTR gives us a rating!

We ask that you set up a FREE UTR profile by visiting the UTR website at Once you create your FREE profile, please search for Aspen Hill Club and request to be a part of our UTR Club! The entire process will only take a few minutes.

Currently our Men’s Singles Match Play, Winter Adult Tennis Ladder matches and Kings and Queens of the Court program results are being entered into UTR and our members are seeing their UTR numbers climb! You can also enter your own scores from spot time into UTR as long as both you and your opponent(s) have a FREE UTR account! We look forward to offering more UTR playing opportunities in the coming months!

Cancellation Policy

Members must cancel lessons, clinics, and drills at least 24 hours before your scheduled activity. If a lesson is cancelled within the 24-hour time frame, you will be charged the spot time rate of the court. In the event of a “No Show”, you will be responsible for payment of the lesson in full. In the event the Tennis Pro is a “No Show”, you will be provided with a lesson by that Tennis Pro at no charge to you. Thank you for your understanding!

For more information contact 

Elliott Datlow
301-598-5200 ext. 120

Alex Aleshin-Guendel, Assistant General Manager
301-598-5200 ext. 119

or Richard Allard, Assistant Tennis Director
301-598-5200 ext. 121

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