By: Terrance Scott, Tennis Director

The game of tennis is by tradition one of focus and concentration, which is embraced by all who play the game. During play it is typically silent as observed by those on the professional level. It is important that we strive to embrace the proper etiquette passed on from  generations of the sport. Listed below are some friendly reminders on how we should conduct ourselves as students of the game. Please read every topic to ensure we treat our club and this sport with the upmost respect it deserves.

Indoor Court Etiquette

When entering or leaving the court, players must wait until the bell rings or they are invited to come on the court. All balls, baskets and equipment must be cleaned up and put away before the bell rings. Two hoppers should be left in each basket of balls.

Outdoor Court Etiquette

When crossing a court to get to another, please walk briskly across the court that is in play. Always wait until the point is over and you are granted to cross the court.

Noise Levels

Voices should be at a reasonable level in-between points and during change overs. Conversations should be had softly and at a minimum, as not to disturb the court in play next to you.

Calling Lets

If another courts ball comes on to your court, a let may be called immediately to ensure a low risk of injury or distraction. The court that the ball enters will determine if a let is deemed necessary. If a let is not called, after the point is over one of the players retrieve the ball and pass it back to the original court right away. The chaser of the ball from the other court is not allowed to disrupt play just because their ball rolled on another court.

Shirt Change

Wet shirts may be change during a change over or at the end of a match. A dry shirt must be put on right away. This process should take no longer than three minutes. Players are not allowed to walk around shirtless for any period of time.

Borrowed Tennis Balls

Members are allowed to borrow tennis balls from the Club baskets to work on their serve and/or for play. Balls must be returned after the completion of your usage of them. Do not leave balls in a hopper on the court as the courts must be fully clean for the members coming on court after you. If unreturned balls are left out, they risk being ruined by our sprinkler system or the rain. We try to maintain and keep fresh tennis ball in excellent condition for all of our members to use.

Checking in at the Front Desk

It is very important that everyone checks in at the front desk before you go to your reserved court. This process helps us keep track of who is at our Club, and in case of emergency provides us with information that you have arrived for your reservation. If you do not check in, your reserved court may be given away to another member on the waiting list.


Please place towels in the towel baskets when you are done with your play. Please do not take them home or leave them on the court when you are done. Always place your towel in the bin even if you didn’t use it. You should always be mindful of the members coming on after you.

Clay on Sneakers

Please wipe your feet on the clay brushes before walking into the Club. This will limit the trading of clay on our carpets, indoor courts and locker rooms.


Please do not take the lid off of the water igloos for any reason. The water on the courts are for drinking purposes only. No one should be sticking their hands or any particle of clothing inside the cooler for any reason. If ice or more water is needed, contact the front desk and we provide you with some.

Profanity, Court  Abuse, Curtain Slamming and Throwing Racquets

There is no profanity allowed at the Aspen Hill Club. Foul language will not be tolerated by juniors or adults. Loud outburst, curtain abuse and throwing of racquets is prohibited. If any of the instances occur, you will be warned. If intolerable behavior continues, you may be asked to leave the court. The racquet, courts you play on and curtains are very expensive. We must take care of our equipment and facility to ensure it remains intact.

I hope you have found these tennis etiquette reminders helpful to ensure that all of The Aspen Hill Club Members  both enjoy and have a pleasurable experience here at our beautiful facility.

Club Hours
May 26, 2024 2:18pm