Cross Training Will Be Back in the Fall! Get Ready with these Testimonials!

Cross Training TRX/Reformer Class

Two Master Trainers—Renee and Heather, Two Studios, Two Disciplines

A Cross-Training 60-Minute workout that includes TRX straps, Kettlebell, Fitness Slides and bodyweight HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts followed by the Pilates Reformer Apparatus. This workout will improve balance, core strength and flexibility.

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CTR: Cross-Training TRX Reformer Testimonial!

By: Benita Bailey

August 8, 2018, I was involved in a car accident that left me with a broken wrist. As part of my recovery, I have endured hours of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. I was also diagnosed with tennis elbow. I am an avid gym rat and in the last 9 months, I have not been able to do any upper body workouts due to the injury and therapy. In April 2019, I was cleared of diagnostic therapy and began at-home therapy in addition to going to AHC. I decided to try the TRX /Reformer Cross Training Class with Heather Williams and Renee Ridgeway. WOW! This workout has been a saviour to me. I am finally feeling stronger. My shoulders, arms, forearms and back are starting to feel normal again. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking for a BOOST to their normal workout or just wants to try something different. You will NOT be disappointed!

CTR: Cross-Training TRX Reformer Testimonial!

By: Sheila Mathews

I have enjoyed the TRX Cross Training session with Heather and Renee.

The TRX class run by Heather Williams provided an intense 30-minute core and agility session that focused on a full-body workout. It was fast-paced, rotating through different exercises, most of which I have never done before, making it exciting and challenging.

The Pilates class was a nice addition after the TRX class, again, focusing on core, flexibility and stretching, which was welcomed after the TRX class. This was my first exposure to Pilates, which I loved! Renee was patient, starting us with basic moves and moving on to more difficult workouts, involving balls, rings and a Pilates box.

After the one hour combined class, I felt that I had a solid workout and found myself looking forward to the challenges for the following week.

I would highly recommend this class for both beginners and advanced athletes. The instructors are able to manipulate the class exercise to meet the needs of the participants, which is awesome!

CTR: Cross Training TRX Reformer Testimonial!

By: Dinitri Dantley


It was six weeks before my son’s wedding. I was trying to decide what to wear as mother of the groom. One outfit was a sleeveless, one shoulder jumpsuit. The other was a long sleeved jacket and pants.  My arms were in pretty good shape but, not quite sleeveless worthy. The six week combined TRX and Pilates Reformer class conducted by Heather and Renee was right on time.


Weddings are happy occasions.  However, the details and deadlines can be stressful and involve several food centered activities. The classes provided workouts that were calorie burning, muscle toning and core strengthening.  Heather‘s TRX regimens took me to the brink of my abilities while providing modifications for my individual limitations. Renee’s Pilates routines complemented Heather’s by providing a joint friendly series that improved my core, breathing, overall muscle strength and balance. Additionally, those two women are infused with vibrancy and a breadth of fitness knowledge. Together they provided the perfect counter balance to any extra calories and stress that came my way.


At the end of the six weeks, my arms were sleeveless worthy.  However, I wore the long sleeved one because my daughter convinced me that it was just more, Bam! That word also describes the TRX/Pilates workouts because they improved my Body and Mind during a critical period.