Member Testimonials: Fitness

Oana Hinely & Tet Miyabra


We returned to the Club as soon as it reopened. The Club was completely sanitized and felt very safe. When we work out in the morning there are 6-10 others and in a space the size of the gym it seems empty. All members are following the rules—using masks, cleaning off machines with a disinfectant before and after use, and being very courteous. The staff regularly sanitizes the machines during the day and the members also clean the machines and are very cautious.

It was great to work out again, using the cardio machines and weight machines and working out with John in personal training sessions. The environment is definitely safe and we feel secure.





Robin Rudden


As a loyal consumer of AHC, I would like to applaud everyone employed at our great Club for the vigorous methods they are implementing to keep our Club safe. Since the day AHC reopened, I have been attending several times per week, and not once have I seen a lapse in safety practices to keep us all healthy. I am somewhat of a germaphobe and have felt completely protected at all times. I encourage my fellow members to get back out and enjoy our great center.

At this time, I would also like to applaud personal trainer, Beth Konzmann who I have worked with happily for 3 years and counting. Beth is an exceptional “coach”, and because of her skills, I have become a devoted fitness fan.

Especially during the current COVID pandemic, we need to stay fit and I encourage all to avail themselves of all the fine staff and services at AHC.



Fitness Center Testimonials

Julie Copty

“I’ve been back to the AHC fitness center several times since it reopened and want to say how impressed I am with the cleanliness of the facility and the safety procedures that are in place. Everyone must wear a mask and social distancing signs are everywhere. When members arrive they are handed a spray bottle and rag and must spray and dry any equipment or surfaces they touch, both before and after use. Equipment has been moved and/or reconfigured for distance and safety. Staff are always around to monitor the area to make sure guidelines are being followed. They are definitely staying on top of the safety, health and wellness of members!  I would definitely recommend coming back to the club for others.

I’m especially happy to start training again with John Kecman to try and regain strength lost during the shutdown. If you’re looking for a trainer or even some motivation to get back into a routine, I highly recommend John.”

John Sheniloff

“Considering the current situation, the club has been operating in a very safe and professional manner, while maintaining an excellent level of hospitality.”

Jane Conlin

“It’s a wonderful experience to be back at the gym. I feel completely confident that all measures are taken to secure the members’ safety. Safety is a priority. Masks are required at all times and staff and members practice social distancing.


Staff provides members with towels and sanitizer to clean the equipment before and after use. The staff makes sure that members follow all guidelines to ensure our safety. Equipment is clearly marked  so members know what is available for use.


John Kecman, the Personal Training Director, is extremely helpful with keeping all the equipment clean and safe. John is an experienced trainer and listens to your needs and concerns – I absolutely recommend him.”

Katy Reid

I had my first visit back to the club last week, and it is so great to be back. It’s been a second home for me for almost three decades, and I realized how much I have missed the Aspen Hill family. The team sincerely seemed happy to see me, and I truly felt welcome. The environment is extremely safe. I won’t even eat at any outdoor restaurant, and, in general, I am much more careful than most people. I had no concern at all for catching Covid-19 at the Club. Everything is super clean, and I had no trouble wearing my mask as I did fairly hard cardio. 

Honestly, I’ve been working out a lot here at home over the pandemic, an average of 2-3 hours per day. I’ve even been making YOUTUBE SPIN classes from home on a weekly basis for members. It still hasn’t been the same these 5 months without the club as the foundation for my workouts and friendships. I highly recommend getting back into the club routine. It’s also nice for mental health to see friends and work-out in the club environment after this crazy 2020.

Dan Kecman

I have been a member at the Aspen Hill Club for over 35 years. When the club announced it was reopening the fitness center, I was concerned about how safe it would be. As many other members, contracting Coronavirus was a concern, especially since I am over 70 years old with some underlying health issues. However, based on the protocol identified in the reopening email, I decided to give the club a chance.

I made my reservation for the opening afternoon session and pleasantly surprised how safe I felt when I arrived. Instructions for wearing a mask on the entire campus are displayed from the parking lot and throughout the club. Plexiglass shields the front desk personnel and every member is given a bottle of their own sanitizing spray and cleaning rag upon entrance. The entrance and exit to and from the fitness center are clearly labeled. The fitness center was immaculate as club has done a great job cleaning every part of it. The equipment is strategically located to encourage physical distancing and fitness staff is very courteous to remind members to adhere to physical distancing and to wear their masks. I did my workout, felt very safe and look forward to being at the club daily as we persevere through the pandemic. My message to you is come on down to the club, I look forward to seeing you there.


Welcome Back! How to Wear Masks When Working Out in the Fitness Center

By: Heather Williams, Group Exercise Director


Now that our Fitness Center has reopened here are a few tips for working out in a mask.

If you have asthma or underlying respiratory issues please consult with your physician prior to resuming your exercise regimen.

Choose a mask made of synthetic breathable materials made of two cloth layers or less. The lack of layers will keep your face from becoming overheated. The synthetic fabric will prohibit the mask from becoming drenched in perspiration and becoming less effective for the spread of infection.

Should you choose to wear a gaiter as your face covering. Make sure it properly fits and keeps your nose covered throughout the workout session. Please note that gaiters will provide better air flow but you may be exchanging breathability for protection from infection.

Whichever you chose, plan to carry several masks for your workout session. A wet mask makes breathing more difficult and is less effective in preventing the spread of infection.

Pace yourself through your workout and listen to your body. Studies from the American Council on Exercise have demonstrated exercising at one’s regular pace has rendered the exerciser to experience dizziness and overheating, Allow yourself proper time to adjust to the change in the workout.

Stay hydrated, Make sure you are properly hydrated before your workout (during and after). We welcome you back to our Fitness Center and we hope to provide a great experience as we all navigate through our “new normal”.