Personal and Group Fitness Classes in Silver Spring, MD

Get results faster with Aspen Hill Clubs Personal Trainers

Why Work With A Personal Trainer?



How Are We Different?

We have fitness specialists from all walks of life with experience ranging from in-patient/acute care rehab to high school football strength and power-lifting coach...and everything in-between. We have someone on staff who specializes in helping you achieve your goals no matter what it is.

What We Offer

One on One Personal Training

Get personalized attention from a personal trainer who cares about your personal fitness goals, whether you want be stronger, lose weight, increase energy or just feel better. Get the support, knowledge and motivation you need.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Friend, spouse, child, elderly parent...WORKOUT PARTNER. Share the cost and the benefits with one other person. Working out with a partner increases your chances of achieving your fitness goal.

Group Personal Training

Love working out in a group? Then small group training is for you! Motivating, fun and intense for 3 or more.

Seeking a like minded workout partner?

We may know the perfect workout partner for YOU! Let John know you are interested in Semi-Private or Group training to get matched up with the perfect workout partner.

For more information or to sign up for personal training, contact John Kecman

301-598-5200 ext. 123

or complete the form below to request personal training:

Whether you are just starting a new exercise regime or you are a hard charging exercise enthusiastic, we have a fitness program for you.

Additional Fitness Programs

Quarterly Fitness Programs: Team up with other members to lose weight and improve body composition all while making a few friends and winning prizes.

Athletic Competitions: Want to experience a power-lifting meet in the friendliest, most supportive and fun environment all while supporting a charity? Sign up to compete, sponsor a lifter or advertise you business at out next event.

Fitness Classes

Boot Camp ($) - Monday 7:00pm w/ Craig and Saturday 10:00am w/ Brian: 30 minutes of Core work and Metabolic Resistance Training.

Interval Training ($) - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30am, Tuesday 6:45am w/Cory: Intense, effective and fun interval, training will start your work day off on the right foot!

Brakin’ Aerobic Boundaries (free) - Saturday 9:00am w/ Brian: 45-minutes of challenging cardio. Learn effective ways to use our cardio machines beyond the “Quick Start” setting.

Circuit Training and Abs (free) - Wednesday 7:00pm w/ Craig: 30 minute class emphasizing high reps and short rests. Includes anything from jump ropes to hand weights.

Senior Silver Strength (free) - Wednesday & Friday 11:00-12:00 w/ John & Dana: 1 hour guided workout focusing on improving overall strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and fall prevention.

For more information or to sign up for fitness programming, contact Dana Shorb

301-598-5200 ext. 123