In order to keep both our members, as well as our fitness team safe, here are a few updates to our Personal Training protocol. Please note that some of these new Covid-19 related changes are only temporary, and will be inevitably be subject to change. However, they will be in effect when our trainers resume Personal Training in the Fitness Center on July 6th .


  1. Member will need to  arrive to the Fitness Center 5 minutes prior to training session start time. Trainer will greet the member at the Fitness Desk and explain how the session will proceed.
  2. Trainer will wear gloves and a mask while training the member.
  3. Trainer will have to demonstrate each exercise prior to the member attempting the exercise. Trainer will then have to disinfect the piece of equipment prior to the member beginning the exercise.
  4. Trainer will carry the ozone spray bottle and rag during the session.
  5. Trainer will set up all equipment, rack, weights etc. for the member.
  6. Trainer and member will train in a relatively small area to ensure they secure the equipment they are using  and to ensure social distancing from other members.
  7. When/If the workout gets strenuous enough the member will need to let the trainer know that they need to momentarily remove their mask to catch their breath so the trainer has time to step 6 to 10 ft away.
  8. There will be a maximum total of three trainers training at one time. Two trainers will be in the Fitness Center and one Trainer in the Personal Training Studio.
  9. Trainers will clean the equipment once it is racked so they only have to disinfect once.
  10. Wipes will be placed in the Personal Training Studio to be used if the wood rings are used.


Club Hours
April 16, 2024 2:26pm