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Get results faster with Aspen Hill Clubs Personal Trainers

Whether you are just starting a new exercise regime or you are a hard charging exercise enthusiastic, we have a fitness program for you.

Get started on the right foot with one of our fitness and performance specialists. Our personal trainers are ready to guide you through a fitness assessment, identify strengths & weaknesses, establish S.M.A.R.T. goals, and help you get the most of each and every workout.

Personal Training Studio

Personal Training Studio Aspen Hill Club

Our Personal Training Studio is designed for specialized, functional, and sport-specific training. With that in mind, our team is excited to bring you a collection of unique small group training classes utilizing the new space and equipment, including boxing equipment – we offer individual boxing PT sessions. The room will also be available for personal training and for members to use, barring when classes are scheduled.

Specialized Strength meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:15 – 7:45 am in the Personal Training Studio –  This structured and progressive program is designed using the major strength sports of Powerlifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, and Gymnastics to improve strength, change body composition, and improve the overall quality of life.

Cost: $20 per class

Why Work With A Personal Trainer?

Aspen Hill Club Personal Trainer
  • Save Time
  • Customized Programs
  • Motivation & Accountability​

How Are We Different?

We have fitness specialists from all walks of life with experience ranging from in-patient/acute care rehab to high school football strength and power-lifting coach…and everything in between. We have someone on staff who specializes in helping you achieve your goals no matter what it is.

What We Offer

One-on-One Personal Training – Get personalized attention from a personal trainer who cares about your personal fitness goals, whether you want to be stronger, lose weight, increase energy, or just feel better. Get the support, knowledge, and motivation you need.

Semi-Private Personal Training – Friend, spouse, child, elderly parent…WORKOUT PARTNER. Share the cost and the benefits with one other person. Working out with a partner increases your chances of achieving your fitness goal.

Group Personal Training – Love working out in a group? Then small group training is for you! Motivating, fun, and intense for 3 or more.

Seeking a like-minded workout partner? We may know the perfect workout partner for YOU! Let John know you are interested in Semi-Private or Group training to get matched up with the perfect workout partner.

For more information contact 

John Kecman
301-598-5200 ext. 123
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Personal Trainers

John Kecman
Fitness & Personal Training Director

John has 19 years of training experience as both an athlete, and strength coach. He has worked under nationally recognized strength, and conditioning coaches as a collegiate football player, and intern. He spent 9 years as a strength coach for both football, as well as track and field at the high school level.  John has also been fortunate enough to be trained by world renowned weightlifting, and powerlifting coaches. As a competitive powerlifter he has qualified for and competed on the national level through USAPL. As a powerlifting coach he has trained numerous state and national record holders across 4 different powerlifting organization. His certifications include ISSA CPT, ISSA Advanced Powerlifting Specialist, Ma strength Chinese Weightlifting Technique Level 1, USAPL Powerlifting Club Coach.

John’s proudest moment in the field was competing at USAPL nationals in 2017 in Orlando Florida and having a achieving personal records, and lifting a weight total that qualified me for nationals in 2018.   

Training clients to achieve goals they may not have even thought possible while improving movement patterns so my clients can improve movement, and diminish pain gives me the most joy in this field.

Lowell David
Assistant Fitness Director

Lowell has been training for 34 years. He is certified in personal training and fitness. Lowell has over 20 personal trainer certifications in fitness, fitness programming, and nutrition. His certificates were awarded from NCEP AAI IFPA, Witts, IFA, NASM, and iDEA workshops.

 Lowell specializes in strength training, weight loss, senior conditioning, flexibility, and cardio boxing. His extensive expertise has led him to be one of the top personal trainers in the surrounding DMV.  

 Lowell is passionate about helping people with their fitness journey on all levels and he can make effective workout plans for anyone. Lowell is also bilingual and is available for training in both English and Spanish.

Nina Hazir
Personal Trainer

Nina Hazir is a certified personal trainer. She began her journey by teaching yoga and Matt Pilates. Her passion is to help individuals of all ages to achieve their fitness goals. She offers a blend of general fitness, strength and flexibility training.

Hikari Miller
Personal Trainer

Hikari has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree in Dance from University of the Arts in
Philadelphia. She also has a certification in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training with the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. Hikari has been in the field of fitness since 2009. 

Hikari’s proudest moment in fitness is fully recovering from an ACL reconstructive knee surgery.  She gained 7x more strength in her legs before her surgery and returned to competing and performing in dance after a year off the stage. Hikari is a professional dancer on the weekends and performs and competes nearly every weekend of the year. It has been 5 years since her surgery and she is still strong and active in her work as a trainer and dancer.

Hikari enjoys teaching the senior strength class and working with people individually to achieve their fitness goals.

Jared Sabin
Personal Trainer

My name is Jared Sabin, and I’ve been going to the Aspen Hill Club for what feels like forever. I joined the gym when I was 6 months old, and spent a lot of time in childminding as a kid, and then on the basketball court which was my biggest passion throughout high school. When I got to college I knew I needed a part time job, and I figured there was no better place to work than the gym I grew up in. I had been lifting weights for over 5 years at this point, and I felt like I had a lot of knowledge I could share, especially with kids trying to excel in sports like basketball, football and tennis. My training philosophy is to train everybody as if they are a kid, focusing specifically on functional movements and exercises that you will actually enjoy. If you’re looking for a trainer who will push you while still keeping things fun, I am the perfect match!

Shaun Righetti
Personal Trainer

Versatile personal trainer with diverse sports background predominantly in basketball, as well as baseball, and football, along with a budding love for table tennis. Through years of honing skills and utilizing teamwork, Shaun has developed an understanding of the dedication and hard work it takes to achieve athletic goals. His journey has instilled a passion for fitness and a desire to help others on their wellness path. Whatever your goals may be, Shaun is here to guide and support you along the way. Let’s team up and make your fitness dreams a reality!

Favorite Quote: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then, you’ll be successful.”  -Eric Thomas

Beth Konzmann
Personal Trainer

Beth has been a Personal Trainer with The Aspen Hill Club since 2010 and is a lifelong lover of sports and being active. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling and is an NCCA-accredited, American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer.

Beth has trained all ages from kids to up focusing on strength, agility, form, function, balance, and overall fitness. Beth also has specialized training in working with Older Adults, Sports Injuries and Nutrition, Back Exercises, Worker Smarter Not Harder, and Group Fitness.

Beth is also a Certified Water Exercise instructor and has been teaching water fitness classes for over 20 years. Do you want to take some pressure off your joints and work out in the water, let her know!

Connect with Beth and let her help you become the best version of yourself you can be.

Brian Williams
Personal Trainer

bio coming soon

Franco Ortuno
Personal Trainer

As a passionate advocate for the transformative power of exercise, I’m dedicated to helping you live longer and healthier. With a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Innovations and Entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland, I bring a solid foundation of knowledge to my personal training practice.

 My journey started at a physical therapy clinic where I gained invaluable insights into rehabilitation and injury prevention. Following that, at the University of Maryland’s Strength and Conditioning Department, I got to hone my skills training student athletes.

 Beyond credentials, my philosophy is simple: exercise is medicine. I believe in empowering my clients to unlock their fullest potential through tailored fitness plans and unwavering support. I’m here to guide you towards your goals and a life of vitality.

Traci Johnson
Personal Trainer

Traci has a Master’s degree in Psychology from New York University where she pursued her passion of working with people. With various certifications in the field of fitness, she has also pursued her love of fitness. As a personal trainer and Zumba Instructor at the Aspen Hill Club Traci has had the opportunity to combine her two passions into one and help people achieve their personal fitness goals.

She has been active in the field of fitness for over 20 years and started with her personal struggles with weight. Traci has also been a Zumba instructor for 10 years where she can express her love for dance as well as instill in members her philosophy that fitness can also be fun.

Sid Miller
Personal Trainer

bio coming soon

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