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Save the Date: ACES Fundraiser 2020—Friday, April 3rd

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SAVE THE DATE…Fred’s Aces Scholarship Fundraiser

We are looking forward to Friday, April 3rd, 2020 when the Aspen Hill Club’s tennis staff and members will team up to raise money for Fred’s Aces Scholarship Fund! Fred’s Aces is a 501c3 Non-Profit which works to bring local needs based kids into our junior tennis program! The kids apply with an essay and a recommendation. If selected,  they receive a scholarship to attend a full session of junior tennis classes at AHC. Our team will be running a few fundraising events throughout the year—but our biggest event is the April 3rd fundraiser which features TENNIS PLAY, PRIZES, SILIENT AUCTION, & FUN! Please save the date and look out for more information coming soon!


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NEW: Personal Training Packages – The More You Train, the More You Save

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NEW Personal Training Rates Effective January 2020

Beginning Wednesday, January 15th we will be changing and expanding our personal training packages. The new package structure will allow you to maximize your personal training sessions, improve your fitness level and reach your goals.

Our 4 session package is a great introductory package for the client looking to jump start their fitness plan and/or the client new to working with a trainer. Our 8 and 12 session packages will allow the client to train to 3-4 times a week with their trainer with a greater focus on the key components of fitness: endurance, strength and flexibility.

There is a vast amount of research that states training muscle groups more frequently will lead to more progress in terms of both strength and muscle size or muscle hypertrophy.  A Men’s Health article published in April of this year states “After training a muscle, protein synthesis is raised for anywhere between 36 to 48 hours, then it drops back to normal. And if you’ve been lifting for many years, the rise is over a lot more quickly.” This means that no matter how trained you are, and how much you do with any given muscle group, the muscle-building effect of any given workout stops after a maximum of 48 hours.  So if you are only training a group of muscles one day a week you are substantially capping your progress. You may ask “so what if training more frequently builds more muscle, why should I care if I just want to lose weight? Well, if building more muscle increases your daily energy expenditure, even when you don’t make it to the gym, then having more muscle is actually the best long term solution in terms of training for weight loss.

For most people, with the exception of sport-specific/strength sport-related goals, three total body resistance training sessions a week is the best path to achieving any fitness goal.  So whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or get stronger, training frequency is key in reaching your fitness goals. Our new packages are designed to help you reach your goals.



Our new Personal Training Packages are designed to incentivize AHC members to work harder, more frequently, and more effectively to reach their fitness goals. Each package (4 sessions, 8 sessions and 12 sessions) is designed to be completed within one month of initiating training and is renewed on a monthly (4-week) basis unless a written request is submitted prior to the next monthly billing period.


Trainer Unavailable 

In the event your trainer is unavailable (illness/injury/vacation) for any length of time, the member can either use those sessions with another trainer or make-up the sessions with their trainer upon their return.


Illness/Injury/Vacation/Travel Leave

If you are unavailable (due to illness/injury/vacation) and unable to use your packaged training sessions, your trainer must be notified. Once capable, your remaining sessions must be completed within the original package time frame. For example: if you purchase an  8 session package (2 per week for 4 weeks) and 4 had been completed in the 2 weeks prior to you getting the flu, then once you were well enough to return to training you would have 2 additional weeks to complete the remaining 4 sessions in your package.

If you plan to take a vacation/travel which affects your ability to complete all of your Personal Training Package Sessions in the normal time frame you are able to place a hold on your training. You must notify your trainer prior to your travel of your return date and schedule your remaining sessions in advance.


Withdrawal Due to Continuing Illness or Injury

If you have a medical issue or injury that prevents you from continuing your Personal Training, a doctor’s note that explicitly states the reason for your discontinuation of Personal Training is required for a pro-rated refund.


Our 24-hour cancellation policy is still in effect with our new Personal Training Packages.

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Celebrating 40 Years at AHC!

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By: Alex Aleshin-Guendel

Jeff and his daughters Emma and Sarah
Jeff with some of his team members from over the years

On Friday, October 18th we celebrated Jeff Klein’s 40 years at the Aspen Hill Club with a Surprise Party! Jeff started his career here in 1979, as one of our first pros. Throughout the years, Jeff has held many different positions within the Tennis Department, including his roll of Tennis Director for 15 years. J

eff’s teaching style focuses on the mental aspect of the game with notable phrases you may have heard on court like: “Move to the Ball”, “Move, Position, Swing, Recover” and “Here, not There”.

Joining us to celebrate his achievement were over 100 friends, members and co-workers, old and new. After a genuine surprise (who would have thought that was possible with the amount of people who knew) we celebrated. Along with food and drinks, there were “Pin the Pony on the Pro” and  “Name ALL of the Operations” games as well as a slideshow of memories from the past 40 years. Displayed in the East Lounge were over 40 written memories from family, friends, members and co-workers who described Jeff’s impact on their life and/or tennis game.

We want to thank the Club, Management and Team Members for their generous support with the event, as well as everyone who attended or sent well wishes for this monumental occasion! And a special thank you to Jeff—reaching this career milestone truly demonstrates your dedication to your craft, your students, and the Club itself.


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Childminding Cold & Flu Policy—When to Stay Home!

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No one wants to keep his or her child out of school – or a sibling out of the nursery, but that’s the best way to control the spread of colds and flu. Children SHOULD NOT be placed in Childminding if they:


  • Have had a fever during the last 24 hours
  • Have a large amount of nasal discharge. If you try a decongestant, do so well enough in advance to observe its affect on the discharge, and the child’s behavior. Always tell the Childminding staff about the medications the child has received.
  • Have a “productive” cough (one that brings up a lot of mucus)
  • Have diarrhea (4 or more loose stools per day)
  • Have vomited in the last 24 hours
  • Have a sore throat and you are able to see white patches when you look into the throat
  • Have impetigo or any other contagious disease


If your child should contract a contagious disease (for example, chicken pox, measles), contact Childminding immediately so we can alert the other members. To help prevent the spread of colds and flu we recommend frequent hand washing. For best results, the hands should be washed with soap and water. Remember a sick child has lowered resistance to other germs and probably won’t enjoy coming to Childminding. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our director at extension 111.


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Member Review – Sterling Hoffman

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I love to share the good things in my life and one of them for the past 31 years has been our fitness club – The Aspen Hill Club – located in north Silver Spring, MD.

It is our daily go-to place providing so many fitness options. It opens early – 5:30am – so those who want to get in and get out to go to work can do so.

Among its “amenities” are:
• Tennis 21 courts (6 indoor hard and 13 outdoor clay and 2 outdoor hard)
• Racquetball (4 courts)
• Pickleball
• Basketball court (indoor)
• Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool
• Jogging track (1/10 mile)
• Free-weights, treadmills, ellipticals, ski, and other cardio machines, resistance machines for upper body/lower body and core, kettle bells, straps and bands, fitness balls and much more.
• Dedicated specialty training room (the “torture chamber” formerly a racquetball court)
• “Spinning” room (formerly a racquetball court)
• Dance studio-like classroom
• Massage therapist on-site
• Instructive classes galore: spinning, water aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, stretching, HIIT, Feldenkrais, yoga, boxing, tennis (drills and private lessons, leagues, ladders and contract time), swimming lessons, personal training
• Summer camp for kids
• Field trips to US Open (tennis)
• Morning coffee service and newspapers
• On-line reservations for courts
• Towel service
• Locker room services of jacuzzi/hot tub and sauna
• Restaurant
• Child care
• A beautiful, modern facility inside and out

While more expensive than some limited-offering gyms, it is so worth the price! There is a camaraderie among members not found elsewhere. Many lifelong friendships have been made, savvy advice from the wise and successful and even some client acquisitions for our portrait art business!

It’s like a country club without the golf, the expense and the attitudes!

If you live in the DC area, check them out. You can get a free guest pass, have a yearly membership or be a month-to-month member!

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Coming Soon… Locker Room Updates!

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By: Danielle Bouchard, General Manager

UPDATE 11/1/19:

November is here and our annual pool shut down will be under way beginning Monday, November 11th. We are looking to have the pool re-opened (after the ten day drain and clean) November 25th. However, the pool locker rooms will be closed due to renovation. The pool locker renovation should take up to three to four months to complete. In the mean time once the pool re-opens, we ask that all swimmers please use the main locker rooms to shower and change.

We know that having the pool locker rooms closed will be difficult, there is no doubt about that. We will scale back on classes at the pool just a little bit to diminish traffic in hopes this will help the contractors expedite the job.

The main locker room will be open including the showers, rest room, and lockers. For those of you that are not familiar with the main locker area, we have six showers, four rest rooms stalls, and several lockers available on a daily basis. That means use the locker while you are here and remove your items upon leaving.

If you have a bathrobe that you can wear over your swimsuit, I suggest that you do so.  It can be chilly in the Fitness Center as you go from one location to the other. As difficult as the process will be, in the end, we will have beautiful locker rooms with updated showers, lockers, and much more.


UPDATE 9/30/19:

At this time it appears that we will begin construction on the Pool Locker Rooms first. Our tentative start date is Monday, November 4th with an estimated time of construction of three to four months.

The pool will be closed for the first 10 days of this project. At that time we will perform our annual drain and clean. Once we have that completed we will reopen the pool, but not the locker rooms.  At that time, the main locker rooms will be available to you.

We understand this will be a difficult process for you to endure. It will be for us as well but we will do everything that we can to ensure “smooth sailing” as we embark on making our locker rooms much better for you.

I will keep you posted if our timeline changes. Please have your lockers emptied no later than November 1, 2019. In advance, we thank you for your patience and cooperation during this

We have hinted over the past year or so that we will be renovating our locker rooms.  Well, the time has arrived!

Although we don’t have an exact date of the demo and construction, we do believe it will begin sometime in October.  So, hang in tight just a little longer!

The renderings you see simply show the colors and materials used for each locker room. The pool locker rooms will be identical; however, we will be adding a small family locker room.

We hope you enjoy the renderings as it is a good reflection of what is to come!


aspen hill club men's main locker rooms aspen hill club pool locker rooms aspen hill club women's main locker room

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Older Club

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By: Danielle Bouchard

Most of you, if not all of you, know that we were built in 1977. Back then it was built primarily with tennis in mind. Fitness wasn’t a thought as golf and tennis were “the thing”. In 1982, we introduced fitness as an added feature. We had a small space designated for fitness at the time.  Cardio on one side and weight lifting on the other. And over time, as the industry grew along with the demand, we removed two tennis courts and built the fitness center that we have now.

In the late 80’s, early 90’s we added the swimming pool knowing there would be a demand. We didn’t want to build a recreational pool but wanted to focus more on therapy, water classes, and lessons.

Since the early 90’s we have kept our same price point on the membership dues. We have not had an increase in fitness membership dues since 1998. In 2007 we implemented our first “Enhancement Fee” to all memberships in order to assist with capital improvements made in the previous year.  Since then we have continued to apply this fee each February.

We have worked hard at keeping this fee fairly stable, sometimes even decreasing it from one year to the next.  Understanding that we may have had a significant amount of capital improvements in a particular year.

I am well aware that we have competition all around us; however, I also know that we provide more and better service. Yes, the Club is old and sometimes it shows it’s age but what is more important is how you are treated when you are here. Knowing that we care goes a long way.  Knowing that we are looking out for you, is more than what other gyms will do. And knowing that we want to help versus not; well, that’s way better than many other places!

Our costs have continued to increase. With minimum wage continuously increasing along with mandatory benefits, it is becoming more difficult to sustain our monthly dues from 1998.  So when you ask, “why am I receiving this enhancement fee”, its because our costs continue to escalate and in order to sustain and maintain the business, it is an absolute must to pass on some of those costs.


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Summer Junior Interclub Wrap-Up!

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What a season! The Aspen Hill Club juniors finished off what they started and took the 2019 Montgomery County Junior Tennis League title with exciting fashion. Heading into the last week of the season, AHC’s team was looking good as they sat with an impressive record of 5-0—but had 2 incredibly tough matches remaining: the 2018 league champions, Palisades Club, followed by the always tough Cedarbrook to close out the season.


Our juniors were able to achieve revenge over the defending champs, (and only team last year to defeat Aspen Hill Club) Palisades! With the win, AHC was guaranteed their MCJTL championship. But with one match remaining, the undefeated record was on the line against Cedarbrook. The match lived up to the hype—ending at an even 9 matches to 9 matches! With this tie, all games were counted to determine the winner. By a score of 26 to 22 games, your Aspen Hill Club juniors ended the summer interclub season with an undefeated and perfect record!


The following week the individual playoffs took place, and AHC’s players represented The Club in excellent fashion. Here are highlights of those results:

Zane: Boys 12 singles Champion

Will: Boys High School Champion

Emma: Girls 12 Singles & Doubles Champion

Wangu: Girls 12 Singles Finalist & Doubles Champion

Nduta: Girls High School Finalist

Lizzie: Girls 14 singles Finalist

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Welcome BJ from Ogeis Place located in Gaithersburg. BJ will take over the Club Café beginning in early June! He has an awesome menu planned with kid friendly foods.   We will also make purchasing food at the Café easier for you. If you want to charge to your membership account, you will be able to. Payments will be made to the Club via your EFT on the 15th of every month. Once your account runs in arrears, you will not be able to charge café products to your account until full payment is made.   We do want to make the purchasing of Cafe products easier, but still, want to ensure payment is made appropriately and timely. You will also have the choice of providing the Club Cafe with your credit card with a limit of spending. Once you reach that limit, you can either add more to the card or not. Your Club ID would be presented to the Club Café upon purchase of Café products.   For those of you with children, we would ask that you provide us with a limit you want to allow your child to spend on a monthly basis. Once that limit is reached, charging privileges would be removed unless we hear otherwise from you.

Update: The new Club Cafe will open Monday, June 17th


The Club Cafe hours of operation will be:
Monday – Thursday: 9:00am – 7:30pm
Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 1:00pm