By: Jeff Klein, Senior Tennis Pro


All tennis instruction provides a mixture of technique and tactics. By incorporating mental training skills, you’ll better understand how distractions inherent to the game prevent you from playing your best tennis.

Mindfulness, from the Oxford Dictionary, is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

Mindfulness, as it relates to tennis, is a powerful approach to understanding how and why various physical and technique breakdowns occur.

By practicing mental training techniques, you can discover how to enhance your concentration to play your best.

As an example, when walking if you bump into something, do you question your technique or your attention to your surroundings?

Mindful Tennis Training classes are designed to empower each student of every level to incorporate mental techniques that help your game improve to the highest level. You’ll work on mindfully controlling your efficient movement, then positioning yourself effectively to produce a well-executed swing.

These classes are offered for students from beginner to tournament level. Whether or not you have taken lessons to build your strokes and techniques, I urge you to join us for a Mindful Tennis Training private or group lessons to guide you to be your own personal best coach. The results will show in your game – on the court, at work, at home.


Mindful Tennis Training Class Options:

Contact Jeff Klein directly at 301-598-5200 ext. 118 or to ensure registration for the proper program for your level. Contact the Tennis Office at ext. 119 or for pricing.

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