By: Mary Cullen, Member Since 1990


I am so glad to be back in the Club!  I’ve been a member for a long time; the Club is my Happy Place. It is the place I go where I’m guaranteed to feel better than before I went.


I have felt safe since first going back when it re-opened. The COVID prevention practices directed by staff are followed by members – everyone is wearing a mask and are armed with a disinfectant bottle and wipe provided at the welcome desk upon entering.


Although it felt strange in the beginning, it is now feeling more normal. Some classes are back (Katie’s Yoga on Thursday (6 pm) and Saturday (10 am). Allison’s Body Pump is back too.)  I’m seeing old friends and acquaintances.


I spoke to a member who just recently came back. He had been concerned about crowds and was relieved to see while there are some member present, it is far from crowded. In my experience, there have typically been fewer than 15 members in the fitness center.


The big thing for me is the mental health benefit that comes from being at the Club. I feel much better than those first awful months of COVID lockdown and am thrilled to be back at my Happy Place!  We, as a society, still have far to go before this virus is under control. But the Club is doing it’s part responsibly and providing a needed respite from the madness.


Club Hours
July 22, 2024 10:01am