Abhishek Kolli and his father Satya are both committed to getting better on the tennis court, and the results are showing!

Last December, Abhishek played tennis with Isaac Kritz at a USTA tournament, and the Kritz family highly recommended that Abhishek try the tennis program at our Club. From there, Abhishek is showing great improvement, and his father isn’t far behind.

Abhishek met with our Tennis Director Terrance Scott for an evaluation, and quickly got involved with our program. “I could tell how caring the coaches were, and they provide great instruction,” explained Satya.  Abhishek adds “Mike [Gee] really helps me understand things, and Terrance is so nice.” Terrance placed Abhishek  in our Future Stars program, which is designed for players that are committed to becoming USTA national level players. “Abhishek works really hard, and listens extremely well. When I saw that — I knew we needed him in our program. He makes everyone around him better” explains Terrance.

Abhishek’s tennis has continued to improve since the winter. In fact, his tireless work ethic is aiding in his daily improvement. He has been on our courts all summer, and that time spent on the court is yielding results! In one of Aspen Hill’s first junior interclub matches, 11 year old Abhishek  faced the defending boys 14 and under league. Abhishek  lost this match, but was not deterred. The two faced each other in a rematch one month later in the finals of the Boys 14 and under Montgomery County Junior Tennis League playoffs. This time Abhishek  won the Boys 14 Championship by clinching the final the game in dramatic fashion—a deciding point in a deuce/no-ad game!

It’s been amazing to see Abhishek ‘s development, and Satya has noticed! Satya has been hitting the courts as well, joining the Wednesday Adult Beginner Drill. He is progressing nicely, and luckily for him, he has the strong work ethic of his son. Abhishek will be taking dad to USTA tournaments in no time!

It’s a pleasure to see Abhishek  work so hard on the court, and Satya is on his tail! Tennis players that share their classes enjoy the time spent with them—and everyone is improving on the court along with them.

Abhishek, we can not wait to see all of the trophies that you bring home and the Aspen Hill Club team is happy to be a part of it.

See you on the courts!

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April 16, 2024 1:19pm