When your opponents hit the ball down the center of the court, both you and your partner should react to hitting that ball. The worse that could happen is that you and your partner will clash racquets and that’s OK. The last thing you want to do is not react and then look at each other after the ball passes the both of you and say, “I thought you had it.” If there is time for you and your partner to decide who is going to hit the center ball, rule of thumb when going for that shot is, the player who has the forehand hits it. This rule also applies for when overheads are hit high down the center of the court as well. The backhand player would hit a weak overhead where as the forehand overhead will be much stronger and more likely able to finish the shot. Communication is huge when it comes to covering that center ball. Be sure to say “YOURS” or “MINE.” Keep the phrase as short as possible as you do not have time to shout out full sentences such as “YOU GET IT” or “THAT IS YOUR BALL.”

Cover the middle of the court like a champion and never get stuck looking at each other with your hands up in frustration. As always, Keep on playing!


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