Junior Tennis for Kids at The Aspen Hill Club

Spring 2021 Junior Tennis Instruction

We are excited to offer spring indoor & outdoor small group instruction. Masks are required at all times when at the Club, including on the tennis court. Anytime the weather cooperates we will do our best to have classes outdoors. Spaces are limited as there will only be 4 juniors per court. This allows our coaches to focus on the individual development of each player.

We reserve the right to change the format of any of the classes based on the number of participants.

9, 10 & 11 Week Programs: Spring Classes Begin: Thursday, April 1st, 2021,  Classes End: Sunday, June 13th, 2021

9 weeks = Sunday, Monday; 10 weeks = Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday; 11 weeks = Thursday, Friday

No Classes: Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday—Monday, 5/29/21, 5/30/21 & 5/31/21

YOUNG STARS: (Ages 4-6) Exercises and games present tennis fundamentals highlighting: basic catching, hitting and throwing skills.

JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT (Ages 7-12; 13-17): Designed for beginner level players with a focus on fundamentals, technique development and FUN!

ALL STARS/ACADEMY (Ages 7-14): Programs designed for Intermediate level players that are looking to begin USTA Orange Ball tournament play and progress to USTA Green Ball events.

JUNIOR ADVANCED (Ages 11-18): Designed for players looking to play on the middle & high school tennis teams. These players will learn about competitive tennis and tournament play.

FUTURE STARS: (Ages 12-18) An invitation only program for players that are successfully competing in USTA tournaments. Players are expected to participate and compete in USTA Level 6 & 7 events.

WORLD CLASS ELITE (Ages 12-18): Designed for our junior players looking to improve their tournament play. Admission to the program is based on student’s tournament and high school tennis results.

We will try to have as many classes as possible on the outdoor courts. Some classes will meet indoors. Please note that our HVAC system is working to provide adequate and sufficient fresh air circulation during this time. All of our HVAC filters have been changed to the Merv-13, Covid-19 approved filters. AirEye from BigAssFans.com with ionization that KILLS 99.99% OF SARS-COV-2 AND OTHER AIRBORNE PATHOGENS are located on our indoor tennis courts. Masks are required at all times at the Aspen Hill Club, including on the indoor tennis courts. We are doing this to protect all members when participating in indoor activity.

Billing Policy: Our spring junior tennis instruction will be billed weekly. Pre-registration is required due to class size limitations.
Cancellation Policy: If you cancel less than 24 hours before your class begins, your account will be billed for the class. If class is cancelled for any reason, you will receive a text message from 52236. To opt-in to text messages please text the word JUNIOR to 52236.
Bathroom Breaks: Staff is limited as is accessibility to rest of the facility.  What to Bring: Water!
Drop off & Pick Up: Juniors must check in no later than 10 minutes prior to class beginning and must be picked up promptly at the end of class.
Masks & Social Distancing: Masks are required to be worn at all times when at the Club. Masks are required when playing indoors. Social distancing is required at all times while at the Club.

Click HERE for the Spring 2021 Junior Tennis Registration Form

Spring 2021 Junior Tennis Check-in Process 


  1. Masks are required for everyone when at the Club and on the property, including when playing on the indoor tennis courts, except when playing on the outdoor tennis courts.
  2. Social distancing 6 – 10 feet is enforced while at the Club.
  3. We recommend bringing a cooler or large water bottle as we are currently not offering water on court.
  4. Juniors are encouraged to bring: hat, sunscreen, towel, and chair when classes are scheduled outdoors.
  5. Only pros handle/pick up balls.
  6. Parents please check your child’s temperature prior to arriving to the Club. If their temperature is 100 or above – they may not attend class that day.
  1. One person in the bathroom at a time – at this time due to construction only the upstairs bathrooms across from the Café are open.
  2. NO Drop-ins – Pre-registration required as class spaces are extremely limited.
  3. If you cancel less than 24-hours before your class starts, your account will be billed for the class.
  4. Based on our current Covid-19 protocols, we ask that juniors check-in 10 minutes prior to start time. There is a 5-minute grace period once class has begun. Class experience is a large part of our teaching, and ensuring that classes begin on time is of importance.  Please know that if you are running more than 10-minutes late, you may be denied access to the class.  Keeping the integrity of the class for those that arrive on time is of importance.  No refunds will be applied if you arrive more than 10-minutes and are denied entry.


Junior Tennis Check-in Process:

  1. Parents are required to check in their junior daily. If your junior is driving themselves to the Club, they can check in alone.
  1. All parents and juniors will check in via the main deck entrance with masks on. Please wait at the sign until you are called over to check in at the Front Desk.
  2. Juniors’ temperature will be taken by the tennis pro or front desk staff – contact free.
  3. Once your junior has cleared the temperature check, they will be provided with their court number. Parent may then escort their junior to court.


Club Text Messages:

  1. In the event of rain or class cancellation, you will receive a text message from the Club (52236) alerting you that class has been cancelled.
  2. If you do not currently receive junior text messages you will need to specifically opt in by texting JUNIOR to 52236.


Class Cancellation/Change Policy:

  1. You will receive a text message from 52236 if we cancel class or have any changes.
  2. If you are unsure if class will take place:
  3. Please call the Club at 301-598-5200, once the voicemail comes on, press “0”.
  4. If you prefer to check online, please visit our Facebook Page: facebook.com/aspenhillclub. If it rains and class is cancelled, juniors are NOT billed for the class.

For more information contact Elliott Datlow, Tennis Director

301-598-5200 ext. 120

or Alex Aleshin-Guendel, Co-Tennis Director

301-598-5200 ext. 119

Click on each program for more details:

At The Aspen Hill Club we are so proud to be the premier tennis club in Montgomery County, MD! Aspen Hill Club offers year round tennis programs for juniors ages 3-18. The USTA 10 and Under teaching method grows confidence, help kids make new friends, is fun and engaging and teaches the core fundamentals of tennis. Who knows where the world of junior tennis will take your child!

Program dates are:

  • Winter - January to March
  • Spring - April to mid-June
  • Summer Tennis Camp - mid-June to the end of August
  • Fall - September to December

Aspen Hill Club offers a systematic and progressive approach to tennis excellence!

Structured around effective growth and development principles, players move at their own pace based on their ability, improvement and commitment. The programs utilize low-compression balls (Foam, Red, Orange, Green), right-sized racquets and appropriate size courts depending on the player’s age.

Every level of the program has a simple set of objectives, and our pros make your child achieving each goal their priority. As a parent, you can trust that we will apprise you of your child’s progress as they advance.

Junior Competitive Programs are designed for the more serious tennis player. The programs stress mental discipline, conditioning, racquet skills and situational training. Students become the best by learning from the best and competing against one another.

Admittance into the program is based on playing performance and past tournament results or ranking.

Junior Tennis Registration

For more information or to register, complete the form below: