Is A Lack of Flexibility Keeping You From Improving Your Game?

The TWITCH Stretch Method of practitioner assisted stretching was formulated specifically to meet the needs of a rising population of athletes and fitness enthusiast of all ages which simply require more flexibility to improve performance, reduce injury and alleviate pain!

Whether you are an avid walker or a competitive athletes stretching is an important part in the development  of greater body awareness, fluid movement patterns, and the generation of power through the symmetrical use of muscle groups that are not affected by pain and unevenly balanced muscles  which reduce joint mobility on the court. TWITCH practitioner assisted stretching provides its clients with a better sense of there bodies condition, resulting in a greater understanding of the state of their muscles which helps prevent and limit reoccurring  injuries. This awareness aids in developing a greater sense of control and confidence, ultimately improving peak performance on the court and in every day life.

During our 45-minute therapy sessions clients are treated to a customized wellness process that includes over 35 Physical therapy stretches, Vibration Technology, PNF Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation & AIS Active Isolated Stretching, which are some of the most successful treatments used in the holistic industry to relieve pain, improve muscle imbalance and reduce chronic tendon disorders. TWITCH Stretching will also help fitness enthusiast of all levels to accelerate recovery from workouts, increase work capacity and enhance physical performance after a long day of sitting at a desk.

How Does it Benefit Our Customers?

  1. Help clients feel younger…flexibility of the spin and major joints determines how old you actually feel!
  2. STRUCTURED / ACCOUNTABILITY along with working with a professional, clients are provided a structured program of rehabilitative services specific to there needs.
  3. Consistent rehabilitative therapy to the soft tissues of the body helps to reduce the probability of injuries.
  4. Soft tissue manipulation increases the bodies ability to move, stabilize, balance and create force during exercise and sports.
  5. Improved muscle length increases the bodies nervous systems ability to communicate at a faster / higher frequencies to all of the 640 muscles in the human body.
  6. Improved blood circulation which help remove toxins from the body.
  7. Convenient in that there is no undressing, can be done before and after workouts.
  8. Can be performed anywhere inside and outside the Club…high visibility that created a buzz!

What Does the Program Provide?

  1. Complete anatomical assessment which provides detailed information regarding clients daily life habits including sleep, nutrition and exercise habits.
  2. Medical information pertaining to high blood pressure, Hypertension, surgeries and anatomical ailments.
  3. Rehabilitative Stretching.
  4. Soft Tissue Manipulation.
  5. Personal Rehabilitative Exercise prescription to strengthen week muscles—done by clients between sessions.
  6. Personal Rehabilitative Stretching prescription to lengthen tight muscles which cause pain—done by clients between sessions .
  7. Nutritional Guidance regarding diet and Vitamin supplementation to help tissue disorders heal and regenerate.

All Sessions are 45-minutes Long

Option 1 is a 1 time visit which provides clients a single treatment for $60

Option 2 is 1x bi weekly which provides clients 2 sessions per month at $50 per session—Total Monthly $100

Option 3 is 1x per week which provides clients 4 sessions per month at $45 per session—Total Monthly $180

Option 4 is 2x per week which provides clients 8 sessions per month at $40 per session—Total Monthly $320


640REHAB Programs are all 2 Month Commitments:

Understand that a one month program is not sufficient to treat muscles, connective tissue and nervous systems that have been problematic for years.


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