How To Keep Sane While Staying At Home

By: Heather Williams, Group Exercise Director


Here are a few tips to help you get through this time:


  1. Keep a routine! Whether your daily routine was going to the office or heading to the gym, maintaining some semblance of your day to day will be critical. If you are working at home (it cannot be said enough) start your day with your regular routine. While a suit and tie may not be required, I would encourage something other than PJs. While your favorite group exercise may not happen during your regular time, scheduling a time to workout each day will help you stay close to your regular schedule. Watch for our postings and emails of classes you can take using ZOOM and visit our Aspen Hill Club YouTube Channel ( for workouts.


  1. Get outdoors! Our “stay order” lists biking, hiking and running as essential activities. These activities do not require you to leave your neighborhood or forgo our “social distancing” guidelines. The sunshine, cool spring breeze and sounds of birds will help ease your mind, and help you maintain peace within your four walls (LOL).


  1. Acknowledge your neighbors and strangers, whether you are out walking your neighborhood or getting groceries. We are all in this together and must remain some sense of connection even as we are physically distancing. Don’t forget to thank the employees and staff who are making sure the stores are open, restaurants have curb side service, and that gas can be pumped etc. Remember they have families and loved ones and are making critical decisions when they decide to fulfill their shifts. While they may not be our first responders, they are necessary to our day to day.


  1. Catch Up! This is a great time to catch up with family and friends. Finish a book, binge a series, clean the garage, basement or attic. Keeping busy will help you pass time during the day.


  1. Stop! It’s the old adage when you tell you doctor it “hurts when I do this.” She/he responds, “well stop doing it”. So, if it is painful to watch the news, watch the market report or count the days. STOP!!! Take a few breaths and go back to numbers 1-4. That’s plenty to keep you busy and sane.


Thank you for your patience, and support as we all juggle this new, (not so) normal. Looking forward to the day we can close our physical and social distance.


Why We Yoga

We all know or have heard of the many benefits of yoga. This 5,000(+) year old practice has been credited with improving diabetes, high blood pressure heart disease and increasing one’s flexibility, strength and mind-body connection. In addition Yoga has many personal and social benefits with an added focus on concentration and the ability to quiet ones mind.


Our Tuesday 10:00—11:30am Yoga class will have a new focus this year. While the class will remain a gentle class the structure of the class will be different. The class will combine Yogic philosophy with the physical practice.


Audrey will begin each class with a brief discussion of the 8 limb path and then apply the philosophy through the physical practice.  Participants will have blocks, chairs and straps to amplify, assist and /or modify each asana (pose). Class will remain 90-minutes in duration and will end in Sivasana.

Sunrise Yoga Flow with Audrey

Join Audrey Wednesday at 6:00am for an hour long Vinyasa Flow. This will be a multi-level class but, some Yoga experience is ideal.


Testimonial – By: Jane Beston

Jane BestonI’ve been a member of Aspen Hill club for a little over four years. When I first joined I was doing an early morning class two days a week that I loved until it was discontinued two year’s ago. Since that time I have been requesting the return of early morning classes, specifically yoga. I was pleased to see sunrise yoga on the schedule earlier this month. We’ve now had two classes on Wednesday at 6:00am and attendance has been quite healthy…apparently there are others like myself that enjoy early morning exercise. Our instructor, Audrey, is excellent. She is quite thoughtful in her practice and her instructions are spot on. Audrey will provide as much or little guidance as you need. This class,  although they encourage experience, I think if you have an interest in yoga, you will enjoy. Bottom line…It’s a great way to begin your Wednesday! Hope to see you there!


Welcome Back Kiki!

We are happy to welcome back Kiki Tyler! Many of you may remember Kiki as one of our first Zumba instructors. Kiki has been away for some time and has returned ready to dance and pump with us.

Kiki and Jonelle will rotate the Monday evening 6:00pm Zumba class during the month of August. Kiki will take over the Monday evening class in September, after Labor Day. The Monday format beginning September 9th will be a combination Zumba and WERQ fitness.

WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance class based on the hottest pop and hip hop music. The workout is nonstop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat.

We hope to have Kiki subbing some of the evening Body Pump classes in the fall in addition to all the dancing she will bring to the basketball court.