Key to Success: Good Doubles Partner vs. Bad Doubles Partner – June 2018

In this article we will discuss the tendencies of a good doubles partner versus a bad doubles partner. It is very important to have a great positive connection with your partner. If a good connection is not there from the beginning, then you and your partner are in for a very loooong game of doubles.


Bad Doubles Partner

  • ​​A bad doubles partner would not connect with their partner in-between points. They would only give a hi-five when the point is won.
  • A bad doubles partner would go into a match thinking they are better than the other. Yes, sometimes one player is stronger than the other but during the match you and your partner should be one unit.
  • A bad doubles partner would coach their partner in-between points with technique advise on how to hit the ball. You are not their coach, you are their partner.
  • A bad doubles partner would put pressure on their partner before big points by saying keep the ball in play or don’t double fault. Pressure points should not even be brought up at all.

Good Doubles Partner

  • ​A good doubles partner will give their partner a hi-five each and every time whether the point is won or lost.
  • A good doubles partner would be very supportive and positive knowing that they are a team and there to win together.
  • A good doubles partner would say that’s alright if a point is lost and focus more on winning the next point instead of dwelling over one mistake.
  • A good doubles partner would focus on strategy and not even mention the severity of the point that is a must win situation.


It is very important to be supportive and positive as a dynamic duo to play successfully. You will find that a small change in your mindset, behavior and habits between points can go a very long way. Make eye contact with your partner and give them a hi- five, especially when the two of you just lost the point. By not connecting, your partner may assume that you are mad at them, it’s human nature.

Always talk to one another in-between points to strategize on how to win the match. By doing this, it keeps you and your partner in sync. It also makes your opponents think that the two of you are coming up with a master plan, but in reality you and your partner could be saying badda-bing, badda-boom alakazam!

Just the thought that something is coming could make your opponents nervous and make them make a mistake. Whether you win or lose the match, always give your partner the respect and shake their hand first and then with your opponents.

Always remember, you are going to win some and lose some, it’s not the end of the world if you lose. Be gracious to your partner as we all have good days and bad days. Practice with one another to learn each others tendencies to get better.

Good luck to everyone and please strive to be a great doubles partner!