American Hero Classic 2018 THANK YOU!

We did it again! The American Hero Classic powerlifting meet on November 10th was a huge success. Raising $1,050 for Paralyzed Veterans of America has never been more fun. For many of our participants it was their first experience training for and competing in a powerlifting meet. We provided powerlifting clinics and did one on […]

Member Spotlight: Living the After Party! Werner-Schiffer Family

Rachel brought then five-year-old Ethan to The Club to celebrate his buddies birthday party. Upon visiting the Aspen Hill Club, she was in awe! Membership Director Eric Suchinsky, offered to give Rachel a tour. Up until her visit, the family had memberships to two health clubs—one to make sure that Rachel got her fitness classes and another […]

The Best Exercise Ever

By: Dana Shorb, Fitness Director Everybody should deadlift. If you can walk unassisted than it would be a benefit for you to start deadlifting. I hear about excuses like general weakness, bad back and knee pain but I’m certain a majority of these issues didn’t arise from deadlifting. Chances those issues could have been prevented […]

Member Testimonial: Kevin Costello

“Dana, I wanted to go public with my high satisfaction regarding the “deep tissue” physical therapy and athletic stretching services which Demitrus Willis has provided to me via Aspen Hill’s expanded services offering. Having played college D1 level athletics at its highest level I have been exposed to and had access to top level athletic and injury […]

Working Smarter AND Harder

By: Dana Shorb, Fitness Director I am not one to leave well-enough alone, especially in my workouts and neither should you. If your workouts sometimes become repetitive and you need a change of pace or if you just want to add some intensity to your current routine here are some of the strategies I use […]

Is A Lack of Flexibility Keeping You From Improving Your Game?

increase flexibility

The TWITCH Stretch Method of practitioner-assisted stretching was formulated specifically to meet the needs of a rising population of athletes and fitness enthusiast of all ages which simply require more flexibility to improve performance, reduce injury and alleviate pain! Whether you are an avid walker or competitive athletes stretching is an important part in the […]

May 2018 Powerlifting Meet Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who lifted, sponsored, advertised, or supported this event in any way!! John and I could not have done it with out you. Thanks to our cumulative efforts we raised over $500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which uses that money to fund lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and to provide free information and […]

Leptin: The Controller of Your Appetite

By Joanne Pérodin, certified nutritionist and trainer specialized in weight loss   Leptin is a hormone created in fat cells and helps your body to recognize how hungry it is, determine whether to hold on to weight. Leptin also works with hormones including thyroid, cortisol, and insulin.   Leptin is most active in your brain […]

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