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More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

Aspen Hill Club’s Adult Summer Tennis Ladder

This 11-week ladder begins Wednesday, July 8th and ends Sunday, September 13th. 


There is a one-time $5 entry fee to join each ladder. 


  • Men’s Singles
  • Ladies Singles


  • Top of the Ladder winner in men’s and ladies singles will receive a $50 Gift Card to the Aspen Hill Pro Shop.
    At least five matches need to be played to qualify for the prize.


  • To sign up you must email Elliott Datlow at
  • .
  • Submit the email you want to use for the ladder and the best phone number you can be reached at as well as which ladder(s) you would like to participate in.
  • All participants will receive an email asking to reset your password. You will then log in and set the password you would like to use for the online system.

Ladder Rules: 

  • All matches will be a super 10 game pro set.
  • Winning game scores are: 10-8, 11-9 or 11/10.
  • At 10 all, a tiebreaker to 10 will be played.
  • You may challenge up to 3 spots ahead of you.
  • You can only be challenged by one player/team at any given time. This prevents outstanding challenges from accumulating against you. You cannot challenge the same player two times in a row.
  • Whoever is at the top of the ladder at the close of the ladder will be the winner.
  • Both players bring a new can of balls to the match. Use one can for the match and the winner takes the unopened can for their next match.
  • If challenged, you will have 3 days to "Accept" or "Deny" the challenge or the challenge will be considered a "forfeit" and the challenger will be granted the win.
  • The Challenged player must give a weekday and weekend time to play the match.
  • By accepting a challenge, you agree to play the challenge within 10 days after the date of acceptance.
  • If you cannot play within 10 days, simply "Deny" the challenge and the challenger will be rewarded the win and can move on.
  • If a challenge is accepted and not played within 10 days, it will expire and the challenge will be deleted from the system and will have to be re-issued. Since rankings are constantly changing a challenger may not be able to reissue the same challenge.

Your ladder administrator is Tennis Director, Elliott Datlow. You can contact Elliott at 301.598.5200, ext. 120 or by email at: with any questions.