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By: Danielle Bouchard, General Manager

UPDATE: 2/1/20:

Thank you for your patience during this time as we continue with pool construction.  No doubt it has been taking quite some time and I am sad to report that it will take another 5 to 6 weeks before completion.

Anytime construction takes place, no matter where or for what, there are bound to be obstacles that were not expected.  We ran into a significant snag concerning the roof.  At this time we are still assessing the roof, its condition, and what should take place.  Because of this, we are delayed in progress.

There has been quite a bit of progress within the locker rooms.  Electrical, plumbing, and reconfiguration as we have added a family locker room.

At this time it is looking like the locker rooms should be open by April 1, and perhaps sooner.

Again, thank you for your patience, I know it has not been an easy process and I recognize that you have all been great and cooperative. The team and I appreciate your support as we continue with construction.

UPDATE 11/1/19:

November is here and our annual pool shut down will be under way beginning Monday, November 11th. We are looking to have the pool re-opened (after the ten day drain and clean) November 25th. However, the pool locker rooms will be closed due to renovation. The pool locker renovation should take up to three to four months to complete. In the mean time once the pool re-opens, we ask that all swimmers please use the main locker rooms to shower and change.

We know that having the pool locker rooms closed will be difficult, there is no doubt about that. We will scale back on classes at the pool just a little bit to diminish traffic in hopes this will help the contractors expedite the job.

The main locker room will be open including the showers, rest room, and lockers. For those of you that are not familiar with the main locker area, we have six showers, four rest rooms stalls, and several lockers available on a daily basis. That means use the locker while you are here and remove your items upon leaving.

If you have a bathrobe that you can wear over your swimsuit, I suggest that you do so.  It can be chilly in the Fitness Center as you go from one location to the other. As difficult as the process will be, in the end, we will have beautiful locker rooms with updated showers, lockers, and much more.

UPDATE 9/30/19:

At this time it appears that we will begin construction on the Pool Locker Rooms first. Our tentative start date is Monday, November 4th with an estimated time of construction of three to four months.

The pool will be closed for the first 10 days of this project. At that time we will perform our annual drain and clean. Once we have that completed we will reopen the pool, but not the locker rooms.  At that time, the main locker rooms will be available to you.

We understand this will be a difficult process for you to endure. It will be for us as well but we will do everything that we can to ensure “smooth sailing” as we embark on making our locker rooms much better for you.

I will keep you posted if our timeline changes. Please have your lockers emptied no later than November 1, 2019. In advance, we thank you for your patience and cooperation during this

We have hinted over the past year or so that we will be renovating our locker rooms.  Well, the time has arrived!

Although we don’t have an exact date of the demo and construction, we do believe it will begin sometime in October.  So, hang in tight just a little longer!

The renderings you see simply show the colors and materials used for each locker room. The pool locker rooms will be identical; however, we will be adding a small family locker room.

We hope you enjoy the renderings as it is a good reflection of what is to come!


aspen hill club men's main locker rooms aspen hill club pool locker rooms aspen hill club women's main locker room

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