Check out our new addition to keep you safe.  Coming soon…the AirEye from with ionization that KILLS 99.99% OF SARS-COV-2 AND OTHER AIRBORNE PATHOGENS.   AirEye is now part of Clean Air System, the industry’s most effective air disinfection […]

One Point

By: John Woodend   “. . . unless you learn it with your body you cannot expect to get true understanding” Koichi Tohei   Last month I briefly went over the four principles of Mind and Body Coordination. This month […]

It’s A Winner – Junior Match Play!

Covid-19 brought about a pause to many of our junior players favorite activities including Junior Interclub and USTA tournaments. But our junior players didn’t let that halt their tennis competition! With many schools providing kids a “flex day” on Wednesdays, […]