Key to Success: Take the Pressure Off and Win – November 2018

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A lot of players struggle when the pressure is on during a match and fail to execute their best shots when it matters most. Listed below are some tricks you can use to take the pressure off of yourself so that you can play your best tennis.


Stop Caring and Have Fun—So many players get caught up with the end result of winning or losing that they end up putting pressure on themselves that it paralyzes their game. When you care too much, you start playing tentative and scared which prohibits you from actually playing your best tennis. You start playing not to lose instead of playing to win. The key to playing your best tennis is to stop caring and just have fun. I know it’s easier said than done but once you can master this, you will see a huge difference in your performance.


Flip the Score—How many times have you had the lead in a set or after winning the first set,
turnaround and end up losing. A mental trick you could use would be to switch the score. If you are winning 5-2, pretend that you are losing 2-5. Typically, players who are behind play harder to try and catch back up. This will be very helpful if you are one of those players who struggle with closing out a set or a match.


Prepare Yourself for Success—Another way to take the pressure off yourself is by going into your matches feeling prepared. When you know that you have been working hard by taking private lessons, participating in clinics and match play, you feel more confident in your skill set to play a strong game. Knowing that you have put in the work and are ready to win will go a very long way.


Lose Going for your Shots—The worst that could happen is that you lose a match. So what, it’s not the end of the world. When you go into every match not caring about losing, you will play better. Lose a match going for your shots opposed to losing not going for them. You will keep
yourself in every match if you play hard from beginning to end.


Battle of the Ages 2019

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What: Adults vs. Juniors –  Doubles & Mixed Doubles

When: Friday, January 11, 2019 – 7:00-9:30pm

This is your opportunity to compete against some of our up and coming players in our junior tennis programs. Who will have bragging rights for the year, adults or juniors? Will our adults be able to slice and dice our juniors down to size? Will our juniors be able to out smart some of our adult players? All questions will be answered during this fun filled evening of tennis.

20 adults and 20 juniors are needed to host this great event! First come, first serve, don’t miss out!

Members and Guests welcome. Guests pay guest fee.

Cost: $20 + tax per player – Register by the Front Desk

Questions? Contact the Tennis Office at 301-598-5200 ext. 121!



Member Spotlight: Copeland-Sanchez Family

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Seven years ago Victoria was searching for a home where she could focus on aquatics program. Our 25-meter indoor pool brought her to the Aspen Hill Club. Swimming is a big part of Victoria’s life—and she is also fully engaged on the tennis court! She and husband Marcos, and children Aiden, Dalton and Erin have used the pool, tennis court, and an array of other roles and responsibilities to grow & learn as a family at The Club, “We had a great place for our family to grow, learn, & play” says Victoria.

Victoria continues to be a big part of the aquatics scene at The Club. In addition to being a swim instructor, you can often find Victoria taking in a water aerobics class, working out in the gym, & a constant on our tennis courts!  Marcos makes great use of the gym—and uses our weight room to get into shape for his tennis. (more…)

Stress is the #1 Rule for Improvement

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By: Dana Shorb, Fitness Director


It is common knowledge that chronic mental stress can cause health problems. This comes from the elevated levels of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. What is not commonly known is that the dissociation of physical stress from mental stressors means there is no resolution to the influx of those hormones. Our fight-or-flight mechanism never gets to brawl and run. Physical stress, aka exercise, dissipates those hormones quickly and efficiently as it satisfies the cycle of the stress response. In addition to utilizing those hormones, physical exertion will also cause your body to adapt to whatever demand is being put on it. Muscles change, ligaments and tendons to strengthen and the heart becomes more efficient.

In the gym, we have the goal to cause a specific change so there needs to be a specific stress. The type, volume, intensity, complexity of the stress (exercise), will determine your body’s response. Compare Olympic level athletes, their bodies look drastically different yet all perform incredibly intense training routines year round. Are you causing a physical stress that will progress you towards your goal? What results have you been getting from your current routine? (more…)

American Hero Classic 2018 THANK YOU!

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We did it again! The American Hero Classic powerlifting meet on November 10th was a huge success. Raising $1,050 for Paralyzed Veterans of America has never been more fun. For many of our participants it was their first experience training for and competing in a powerlifting meet. We provided powerlifting clinics and did one on one training for many of the participants to prepare them. In case you haven’t heard of powerlifting the basic premise is to Squat, Bench press and Deadlift as much weight as you can with in three attempts for each lift. Form is critical, so the participants not only trained to build strength but also did lots of work on technique and form. If you didn’t get a chance to experience the excitement mark your calendars for November 9th 2019! See you next year.

Here is a summary of what went down:

  • Participants lifted over 5 tons, 10,475 pounds
  • $525 donated to Paralyzed Veterans of America based on weight lifted
  • We raised an additional $525 through the generous donation of our members
  • We had more than 75 spectators attend throughout the event​​



Member Spotlight: Living the After Party! Werner-Schiffer Family

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Werner-Schiffer FamilyRachel brought then five-year-old Ethan to The Club to celebrate his buddies birthday party. Upon visiting the Aspen Hill Club, she was in awe! Membership Director Eric Suchinsky, offered to give Rachel a tour. Up until her visit, the family had memberships to two health clubs—one to make sure that Rachel got her fitness classes and another to ensure that Jeremy had access to an indoor pool. What they were missing was the family atmosphere that had fun for their two little ones. With the fun that Ethan had at The Club for the party, Rachel knew that one Club had everything she was looking for! (more…)

Give Back at AHC!

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At the Aspen Hill Club we love to give back to our community and are always looking for new ways to make a difference. Throughout the year we host different fundraising drives for local charities. Keep an eye out for a 2019 Schedule of Events. In the meantime, here are our current and upcoming drives:

Cleaning Crew—December 1st—19th

  • Every holiday season we place a donation box located at the reception desk for the cleaning crew from Redcoats. They do a great job each day keeping the Club clean and we hope that you are able to contribute to this fund.  If you write a check, make it out to the Aspen Hill Club. All funds collected are split between the day, evening, and weekend team. Each year, the Club also provides part of the donation. Thank you for support.

TWO Great Toy Drives—Through December 12th:

  • Drop off some new toys to our annual Toy Drive. This year benefiting the Montgomery County Toys for Tots Chapter (Gaithersburg, MD) and A Wider Circle (Silver Spring, MD)

Donations you can make throughout the year:

  • Eye glasses & Sunglasses —benefiting New Eyes for the Needy (Short Hills, NJ)
    Provides people in the United States with eyeglasses and sends recycled eyeglasses to needy people overseas.
  • Cell Phones & iPods—via Shelter Alliance benefiting the Spouse Abuse Resource Center (Bel Air, MD) Help raise funds for a local charity while keeping phones out of landfills.

Snowball Tennis Social 2018

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Join us Friday, December 14th, from 7:00 to 10:00pm for our annual Snowball Tennis Social! Doubles match play is from 7:00 to 9:00pm followed by food and prizes from 9:00 to 10:00pm.

YES, we will have our raffle to close the festivities!

You can sign up with a partner or the Tennis Office can find one for you. Members are encouraged to invite guests along to participate! The cost will be $40 plus tax for tennis and food, or $18 plus tax for food only. Sign-up today in the Main Lobby; or contact Alex at ext. 119,



Key to Success: Using Consistency as a Weapon – October 2018

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Have you ever played a player who never misses? These are some of the toughest matches to play and can be very frustrating. Use consistency to your advantage to beat majority of your opponents.

In my opinion, you can beat 75% of your opponents just by keeping the ball in play. The other 25% you will need to be consistent and step up and make some shots. The number one way to be more consistent is to take some pace off of the ball. The goal is to hit the ball with 3/4 of your pace. Not too hard but not too soft. You want to find the pace that you will be able to hit in which you will never miss. You take this pace of the ball and move it around the court as your opponent self-destructs. If you play well with consistency, over time throughout the match, this will really frustrate your opponent and may result in them over hitting and trying to win the point too quickly. Once they start trying this tactic, you may start to see a lot of unforced errors creep into their game. As they start missing, then you’ll know that you drew them into your web of errors, therefore, resulting in a very easy match for you to win.

Having a steadily paced ball can be a huge weapon and will help you win a ton of matches.

Keep on Playing!

The Best Exercise Ever

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By: Dana Shorb, Fitness Director

Everybody should deadlift. If you can walk unassisted than it would be a benefit for you to start deadlifting. I hear about excuses like general weakness, bad back and knee pain but I’m certain a majority of these issues didn’t arise from deadlifting. Chances those issues could have been prevented by deadlifting. I’m here to tell you that you can fix all of those issues with this one simple exercise. Even with these aches and pains, you can deadlift and with the proper modifications, precautions and preparations, you should. You see, the deadlift is not a lower back exercise! If you feel it in your lower back you are doing it wrong. The deadlift is not a knee dominant exercise. If you feel it in your knees you are doing it wrong. (more…)