Pilates Testimonial: Susan Osmun

I have been a member at Aspen Hill Club for many years. I regularly exercise doing multiple spin       classes, private weight training once per week, and a weekly gentle yoga class. About 3 years ago I    decided to add private Pilates with Renee. Wow, what a great addition to my routine! Pilates has built up my core and strengthened me all around. I really look forward to my weekly session and view the time spent in Pilates as the best time spent on me! When I have to choose what activities to do I always choose to fit in my Pilates session. Renee is a wonderful instructor and has helped me by  modifying our routine to fit my aches and/or injuries. I highly recommend Pilates to anyone interested in building core strength and for stretching your muscles from other workouts.


Key to Success: How to Survive Brutal Outdoor Conditions – May 2018

Cold Weather – On very cold days, it is very important that you layer up. It is better for you to have too many layers on than too few. As you start to warm up, start taking layers off. I would also recommend long tights, shorts or skirt over the tights and then sweat pants on top of everything. That should keep your body nice and warm and loose. As for your hands, try and have pockets with fleece material on the interior. Another option would be hand warmer rocks.

There is a packet that you can buy that will heat up once you crunch up the little rocks. You may purchase that and keep them in your pocket as well. It is very important to keep your hands warm. If your hands get super cold and numb, it will be very difficult to feel your shots and maneuver the racquet the way you would like. (more…)

Member Spotlight: Raveena Kingsley – Going Back on Tour!

You have probably seen Raveena at the Club — she is with us nearly every day! If you have been lucky enough to watch her tennis practice sessions while you sit in the Club lobby, you will have noticed that she is REALLY, REALLY GOOD! In fact you may have thought, “She looks like a pro!” If you did in fact have that thought, you were right!

Raveena Kinsley is a professional tennis player! The Baltimore native started play tennis at 7 years old, when her father started play tennis with her. He noticed that she had very strong technical mechanics, so he signed her up for tennis lessons when she was 8 years old. Fast forwards to  Raveena being 17 years old—and she is a GRAND SLAM PLAYER! She has played in all four of the tennis Majors (US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, & the Australian Open) and been ranked as high as #22 in the World ITF Jr.  rankings! (more…)

Fitness Spotlight: LaWanda Hall

Congratulations to AHC member, Lawanda Hall, on her recent 4th place win at the NPC Baltimore Gladiator Championships: Open Bikini Class F. This was Lawanda’s first competition, which she trained for at Aspen Hill Club to reach her fitness goals: racing and getting back in shape. She’s currently preparing for the 2018 Vegan Bodybuilding World Championships, which is later this year.

LaWanda is pictured at her competition


Member Spotlight: Marc Wolfson

AHC member Marc Wolfson ran in two big races in April with great results!

On April 8, Marc participated in the Cherry Blossom 10  Miler, which he ran in 1 hour and 27 minutes. That’s the 24th time that he has run this race!

On April 22, Marc went out to Rehoboth and ran the Coastal Delaware Half Marathon (13.1 miles) in 1 hour and 58 minutes! This was the first time Marc participated in that race and he finished fourth in his age group. Congrats on the great results Marc!


Fitness Spotlight: Dmitry Tepper

Congratulations to AHC Member Dmitry Tepper for his recent exceedingly successful outing in his first powerlifting meet. Dmitry competed April 21st at the Mid-Atlantic Strength Sports Weekend USPA powerlifting Event.  Not only did Dmitry win the 80 kilogram weight class for the 45-49 age groups, he set state and national records.  In his first excursion in to the world of competitive powerlifting he set Maryland state records for his weight, and age group in the back squat and bench press. On his last lift of the day Dmitry broke the current national deadlift record by over 40 lbs.   Dmitry is a prime example of what hard work and the right help can do for any fitness goal.  Best wishes in training  for next competition.


Member Spotlight: The Peterson Family

Cecelia and Bob Peterson stay active! They joined The Aspen Hill Club last September and haven’t looked back since. They originally joined the club when Assistant Junior Tennis Director Julien DeLaine called them to get their oldest son, Zane, into our tennis classes. It didn’t take Cecilia long to see how many benefits The Club offered for her family, so they did end up joining as a family!

Bob and Cecelia have enjoyed the benefits of an active lifestyle, in fact, they met while rock climbing in Colorado! Bob was living in Colorado as he was stationed there with the U.S. Air Force, and Cecelia (originally from Philadelphia) was attending graduate school in Colorado. Keeping active is important to the Peterson’s, and they are doing a great job of having the kids grow up with the same priorities.

The youngest member of the Peterson’s, 6 year old Gustave, enjoys his time in the AHC pool and hanging out in childminding while his parents are staying busy. He is very much looking forward to beginning tennis classes this coming Fall! 10 year old Zane enjoys his classes in the Aspen Hill Academy tennis program as well match play. Recently Zane has joined a USTA team and is thriving in competitive match play! Coach Julian describes Zane as “A real competitor, we can always count on Zane to keep fighting until the very end. I can’t wait to watch Zane grow as a tennis player!”

Cecelia and Bob both stay active with The Club’s tennis programs. Cecelia and Bob come to AHC between 3-4 times a week, and you can often find them on the courts! Cecelia has recently participated in our Thursday night Hot Shot tennis class, Sunday Singles clinic, Hit and Runs, and just about any social tennis event including Doubles Frenzy on Friday nights. “Bob and I have met so many people, it’s been fun to play together!” she explains. Having met many people through the club programs and events, they have a busy schedule of setting up their own matches! In addition to joining Cecelia on the courts, you can also find Bob hitting the racquetball courts.

Bob has really enjoyed the physical and social benefits of tennis, and is doing what he can to share this experience with those close to him. Bob currently oversees the Junior ROTC program at Bladensburg High School, and he has brought tennis to his students as part of their physical and wellness training (PT) time.  “I brought in a few tennis rackets and a bag full of orange dot balls.  We started with the basics; grip, hitting against the wall and then hitting the ball over the net.  They picked things up pretty fast and by the end of class were trying to see how many back and forth they could get in during doubles.  After the first “tennis class” several students told me I shouldn’t have taken them out on the courts because they will want to do this every “PT” day. I told them, “That’s fine with me!” Since that class, students have visited thrift stores and can be seen playing tennis on their own!

Cecelia, Bob, Zane, and Gus – “Thank you” so much for adding so much to our community at The Aspen Hill Club! You make the club a happier place every time you step inside and we are so glad that you are part of our family.


Summer Outdoor Tennis Tournaments


Men’s 50’s Singles – Lawrence Detterville def. Greg Owens, 5-1 by default

Women’s 50’s Singles – Carolle O’Neil def. Elaine Yuan, 6-3, 6-2

Men’s 70’s Singles – Michael Gurmai def. Michel Loir, 6-0, 6-0

Women’s 70’s Singles – Barbara Pace won our round robin

Men’s 60’s Singles – Steve Reed def. Bob Monsheimer, 5-7, 6-1, 10-5

Women’s 50’s Doubles – Linda Shaffer & Riette van Laack won our round robin

Men’s 70’s Doubles – coming soon

Men’s 60’s Doubles – Mike Makuch & Mike Moriarty won our round robin

Women’s 60’s Doubles – Barbara Pace & Manette Tao won our round robin

Men’s 3.5 Singles – Bryan Cook won our round robin

Men’s 3.0 Singles – Jim Vires won our round robin

Men’s 4.0 Singles – Chris Robinson def. Kyle Wexler, 6-0, 6-1

Women’s 3.0 Doubles – Linda Shaffer and Ruth Randle won our round robin

Leptin: The Controller of Your Appetite

By Joanne Pérodin, certified nutritionist and trainer specialized in weight loss


Leptin is a hormone created in fat cells and helps your body to recognize how hungry it is, determine whether to hold on to weight. Leptin also works with hormones including thyroid, cortisol, and insulin.


Leptin is most active in your brain but has receptors all over your body. When you finish eating a meal, leptin is released in your body and travels towards the part of your brain that regulates appetite, the hypothalamus. Once there, the leptin bonds with leptin receptors to switch your appetite on or off. When your appetite is switched off, you stop being hungry and your body starts burning more calories.


There are couple factors that can impact the regulation of leptin production:


  • You can be born with low levels of leptin. As a result, at a young age, one can become severely obese.
  • High body fat can increase the production of leptin. Excessive production of leptin resulting from overeating can wear out leptin receptors. As a result, these receptors will stop recognizing leptin. This condition is called leptin resistance, therefore the appetite switch does not turn off when it should. Subsequently, one will remain hungry and their metabolism will slow down.


Losing a little bit of weight will increase your body sensitivity to leptin and get you back to being able to control your hunger.
Conditions associated with leptin disorder: diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, gallstones, testosterone deficiency, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high blood lipids.


Things that can lead to leptin disorder: aging, lack of sleep, obesity, smoking, stress, high trans-fat diet, high carb (bad carb) diet, abdominal fat.