Welcome Back Kiki!

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We are happy to welcome back Kiki Tyler! Many of you may remember Kiki as one of our first Zumba instructors. Kiki has been away for some time and has returned ready to dance and pump with us.

Kiki and Jonelle will rotate the Monday evening 6:00pm Zumba class during the month of August. Kiki will take over the Monday evening class in September, after Labor Day. The Monday format beginning September 9th will be a combination Zumba and WERQ fitness.

WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance class based on the hottest pop and hip hop music. The workout is nonstop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat.

We hope to have Kiki subbing some of the evening Body Pump classes in the fall in addition to all the dancing she will bring to the basketball court.



Key To Success: Not Too Close – August 2019

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Hitting approach shots and attacking the net is a great tactic in both singles and especially in doubles. It puts pressure on your opponents to do something with the ball. Some players will try and pass you close to the lines, over your head or they will hit the ball right at you.​ This brings us to our topic of discussion. You want to get close to the net to be in optimal volley position but you do not want to get too close.


You always hear us coaches yelling “close to the net”. This terminology in tennis simply means move forward. You do want to close in on the net to avoid hitting low volleys at your feet, but you do not want to have your nose on top of the net. Here are three reasons why:


Number 1: If you accidentally touch the net during a point before the ball bounces twice on your opponents side, you automatically lose the point.


Number 2: If you are too close to the net, then you give yourself less time to react to the ball to hit a good volley. The more time the better.


Number 3: When you are on top of the net, you expose your self to be lobbed. Even if your opponent doesn’t hit a great lob, if you are too close you have no chance of tracking the ball down.


So, how close should you get? To measure, go half way between the net and the service line and then take one step forward, which will be your best location to stand. It is absolutely fine to step forward to hit a strong volley but make sure you recover and step back into the best volley position for your next shot. Keep on Playing!


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Summer Junior Interclub Wrap-Up!

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What a season! The Aspen Hill Club juniors finished off what they started and took the 2019 Montgomery County Junior Tennis League title with exciting fashion. Heading into the last week of the season, AHC’s team was looking good as they sat with an impressive record of 5-0—but had 2 incredibly tough matches remaining: the 2018 league champions, Palisades Club, followed by the always tough Cedarbrook to close out the season.


Our juniors were able to achieve revenge over the defending champs, (and only team last year to defeat Aspen Hill Club) Palisades! With the win, AHC was guaranteed their MCJTL championship. But with one match remaining, the undefeated record was on the line against Cedarbrook. The match lived up to the hype—ending at an even 9 matches to 9 matches! With this tie, all games were counted to determine the winner. By a score of 26 to 22 games, your Aspen Hill Club juniors ended the summer interclub season with an undefeated and perfect record!


The following week the individual playoffs took place, and AHC’s players represented The Club in excellent fashion. Here are highlights of those results:

Zane: Boys 12 singles Champion

Will: Boys High School Champion

Emma: Girls 12 Singles & Doubles Champion

Wangu: Girls 12 Singles Finalist & Doubles Champion

Nduta: Girls High School Finalist

Lizzie: Girls 14 singles Finalist


Strength Training is Better Than Cardio—It’s Science

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By: John Kecman, Personal Training and Fitness Director


Everyone knows how to put one foot in front of the other repetitively, or sit on a stationary bike and pedal. Unless we are talking about high level runners both of the aforementioned aerobic exercises are as simple as I just described. However, no matter your fitness or health goal, strength training is a far more efficient use of your time. I am not saying that walking, running, or using a recumbent bike is useless. These activities will help you expend some energy and improve aerobic capacity, barring that you are progressively working harder across weeks and months. Much is the same with strength training, and if you have the time, and enjoy both your aerobic, and strength workouts, then by all means keep up the good work with both.

For most people time is short and bang for your buck strength training will help you burn calories while you do nothing. Yes you read that correctly, and exercise research backs me up on this. Moreover, there are cardiovascular benefits acquired through strength training as it is a form of interval training. A recent study found that weightlifting had a greater impact on reductions in bodyweight, decrease in blood pressure and fewer incidences of diabetes. The same strength related improvements are also much harder (or impossible) to come by via aerobic exercise. So whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or strength, “tone” (not really a thing, but I won’t get into that), improve bone density, help with achy or arthritic joints, improve heart health, any other thing  you can think of, resistance training is a better use of your time. If you build 2 or 3 lbs. of muscle you would burn as many calories as a 30-minute aerobic session each day doing nothing. Studies also definitively show that both body weight and body composition are improved more through weightlifting than any cardio workout.

The problem most people have is they have no idea what to do when they cross into the resistance side of the gym. It can be far more complicated than putting one foot in front of the other (walking or running). It also takes time to build muscle and most who start on their own, or even with a trainer, may not see the result they are looking for and become discouraged. It takes between two and eight weeks of consistent and progressive work to build enough muscle to create the physiological improvements I described. Age, gender, and various other factors play a part. You never lose the ability to improve, and if you aren’t where you would like to be, even if you think you know what you are doing, talk to one of our trainers and see how we can help. If you like to work with other people tryout one of our group classes in our new Personal Training Studio. If you have a plumbing issue you call a plumber, if you have an issue with your health or fitness, then we are here to help!



Cross Training Will Be Back in the Fall! Get Ready with these Testimonials!

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Cross Training TRX/Reformer Class

Two Master Trainers—Renee and Heather, Two Studios, Two Disciplines

A Cross Training 60-Minute workout that includes TRX straps, Kettlebell, Fitness Slides and body weight HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts followed by the Pilates Reformer Apparatus. This workout will improve balance, core strength and flexibility.

Questions? Want to Register? Please contact Heather at:


CTR: Cross Training TRX Reformer Testimonial!

By: Benita Bailey

August 8, 2018 I was involved in a car accident which left me with a broken wrist. As part of my recovery, I have endured hours of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. I was also diagnosed with tennis elbow. I am an avid gym rat and in the last 9 months I have not been able to do any upper body workouts due to the injury and therapy. In April 2019, I was cleared of diagnostic therapy and began at home therapy in addition to going to AHC. I decide to try the TRX /Reformer Cross Training Class with Heather Williams and Renee Ridgeway. WOW! This workout has been a savior to me. I am finally feeling stronger. My shoulders, arms, forearms and back are starting to feel normal again. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking for a BOOST to their normal workout, or just wants to try something different. You will NOT be disappointed!

CTR: Cross Training TRX Reformer Testimonial!

By: Sheila Mathews

I have enjoyed the TRX Cross Training session with Heather and Renee.

The TRX class run by Heather Williams provided an intense 30-minute core and agility session that focused on a full body workout. It was fast paced, rotating through different exercises, most of which I have never done before, making it exciting and challenging.

The Pilates class was a nice addition after the TRX class, again, focusing on core, flexibility and stretching, which was welcomed after the TRX class. This was my first exposure to Pilates, which I loved! Renee was patient, starting us with basic moves and moving on to more difficult workouts, involving balls, rings and a Pilates box.

After the one hour combined class, I felt that I had a solid workout and found myself looking forward to the challenges for the following week.

I would highly recommend this class for both beginners and advanced athletes. The instructors are able to manipulate the class exercise to meet the needs of the participants, which is awesome!


Welcome New Trainer, Dmitry Tepper!

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My fitness journey started only three years ago, I was unhealthy, unhappy and overweight. I was a member back then and some people still remember me being, looking and behaving as a totally different person. I had no energy to wake up in the morning and no drive to do anything. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood sugar. My lower back was killing me after a car accident that happened many years ago. I was buying shoes with no laces because I couldn’t bend down to tie them. The only answers I was getting from doctors was having a spinal fusion and taking statins and blood regulating pills that cause all kinds of problems and also are almost irreversible – once you get on them you have a little to no chance to get off of them. I didn’t like the alternative provided by doctors so I decided to take my destiny in my own hands. I decided to radically change my diet and start working out very seriously. At the beginning it was very hard to overcome the lack of energy and motivation. But the more I was doing this the better I felt and it gave me motivation to continue and with time, while increasing my training frequency. With proper guidance I quickly got to a different place. I actually felt so healthy and strong that I decided to start my powerlifting career. In only one year of doing so I was able to break four Maryland record sand one National record. I was able to solve so many of my own health problems so I started helping other people. At some point I realized that I like it so much so I decided to make it my second profession. I got certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and joined my friends on the Aspen Hill Club Team.



Junior Tennis Spotlight: Junior Interclub – July 2019

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Junior Interclub season is heating up! The Aspen Hill Club’s team is off to a fabulous start, compiling an undefeated record of 4-0 to start the season. Our team is competing against juniors from tennis clubs across the area in the Montgomery County Junior Tennis League, and the kids are having a blast!

The season started out with a tough portion of the schedule, having Aspen Hill hosting 2017 champion Flower Valley followed by our next door neighbor, Argyle Country Club. The Aspen Hill Juniors, lead by brothers Mathew and Nathan Tan, defeated Flower Valley in a tough team match by a score of 11-6. The Tan brothers accounted for four of those points themselves by competing in the Boys 12 and 14 and under matches in both singles and doubles!  The Aspen Hill Juniors followed it up two days later by taking another close victory over Argyle by a score of 11-7, and also Norbeck Country Club over the next two weeks.

Another highlight of the first half of the season has been the Girls 12 and under. Aspen Hill is undefeated thanks to stellar play from Emma Ikeda and Wangu Njuguna. Both girls are undefeated in their match play. Way to go, ladies!

Last year’s season ended with a loss by one match to Palisades Club which handed them the league championship. Our kids have this match on July 9th circled on the calendar and are working hard in summer camp to get ready!

The Aspen Hill team is made up of Club members and juniors that are continuing to work on their match play in summer camp. The league is a great way to get our juniors exposed to competitive match play in a FUN team setting. The focus is on learning, having fun, and continuing to get better with every match.



Key to Success: Covering The Center of the Court In Doubles – July 2019

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When your opponents hit the ball down the center of the court, both you and your partner should react to hitting that ball. The worse that could happen is that you and your partner will clash racquets and that’s OK. The last thing you want to do is not react and then look at each other after the ball passes the both of you and say, “I thought you had it.” If there is time for you and your partner to decide who is going to hit the center ball, rule of thumb when going for that shot is, the player who has the forehand hits it. This rule also applies for when overheads are hit high down the center of the court as well. The backhand player would hit a weak overhead where as the forehand overhead will be much stronger and more likely able to finish the shot. Communication is huge when it comes to covering that center ball. Be sure to say “YOURS” or “MINE.” Keep the phrase as short as possible as you do not have time to shout out full sentences such as “YOU GET IT” or “THAT IS YOUR BALL.”

Cover the middle of the court like a champion and never get stuck looking at each other with your hands up in frustration. As always, Keep on playing!


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Welcome BJ from Ogeis Place located in Gaithersburg. BJ will take over the Club Café beginning in early June! He has an awesome menu planned with kid friendly foods.   We will also make purchasing food at the Café easier for you. If you want to charge to your membership account, you will be able to. Payments will be made to the Club via your EFT on the 15th of every month. Once your account runs in arrears, you will not be able to charge café products to your account until full payment is made.   We do want to make the purchasing of Cafe products easier, but still, want to ensure payment is made appropriately and timely. You will also have the choice of providing the Club Cafe with your credit card with a limit of spending. Once you reach that limit, you can either add more to the card or not. Your Club ID would be presented to the Club Café upon purchase of Café products.   For those of you with children, we would ask that you provide us with a limit you want to allow your child to spend on a monthly basis. Once that limit is reached, charging privileges would be removed unless we hear otherwise from you.

Update: The new Club Cafe will open Monday, June 17th


The Club Cafe hours of operation will be:
Monday – Thursday: 9:00am – 7:30pm
Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Key to Success: How to Improve Your Game – June 2019

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Everyone wants to know what it takes to elevate their game to the next level. If that is you then you have come to the right place! It’s easy to take your game to the next level, the question is, are you willing to do what it takes?

Great Coaching

Find a great tennis coach who can help you clean up some of your bad habits, which can include incorrect grips and unorthodox swing patterns. Cleaning up your technique is the fastest way to get better. If your thought is you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, then be a master at what you do. Perfect your craft weather flawed or not. Do what you do and do it well.

Play More

Put in the time on the tennis court. Another simple way of getting better is simply being on the court—the more you play, the better you will get. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Participate in Classes

Participate in tennis clinics that focus on skill building. Most classes will have a set theme on one or two aspects of the game to work on during the clinic. Listen to the information, absorb the information and apply the information even if you are bad at it in the beginning. We all heard the saying, practice makes perfect.

Match Play

Play more matches. Matches are a great opportunity to measure the things you are doing well while also showing you the areas in your game you are struggling with. When competing, a loss is way more valuable than a victory because it breaks down everything you need to work on. Some players will lose a match and just say ”I didn’t play well.” My questions to you are why did you play bad? Were you struggling with your backhand? Did you not get up to the net enough? Were you not moving well? Did you struggle mentally on the big points? Did you run out of gas? Were you making a lot of unforced errors? After each match, especially one that you lost, you should take a moment to reflect on the things that worked and didn’t work. Losing provides you with a blueprint of what you need to work on.

Eat Right

Nutrition is huge in all sports. You have to fuel your body properly for it to perform at it’s highest capacity. Everyone is different so I am not going to get into too many details, but you should eat and drink the things that give you energy during your time on the court. I will tell you a lot of tennis players eat a lot of pasta before their matches to have the carbs they need to sustain. Know your body and find out what works for you.

Get your Rest

If you show up to a match tired, you probably are not going to be able to give your absolute best effort no matter how hard you try. You would not be as focused as you need to be successful. You also will probably not have the best concentration. Getting a good nights rest is very important for your success on the court.

Get Fit

Last but not least, you need to get your butt in shape. We are very fortunate to have the best of both worlds here at our Club with a full gym and swimming pool. Take advantage of it! Getting in shape helps you be better not only on the tennis court but in all aspects of your life. Benefits of being in shape on the court are as follows: you can move better to the ball, have the strength to hit stronger shots, have the stamina to outlast your opponents and you’ll be able to recover faster to play more matches in the same week.

Hopefully, you find my tips for improving your game helpful. As always, keep on playing!