How To Use Kourts – Our FREE Tennis Court Reservation App

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If you are a tennis player at the Club we encourage you to download our FREE tennis court reservation app, KOURTS. Here is a link on how the use the app.
Most members have already been entered in the Kourts system on our end. If you are having an issue accessing the Club’s courts on the app, we need to check to ensure that we have the same email and phone number entered on our end that you are using for your app. We are easily able to update this information on our end if needed.
If you are having issues registering please contact Alex at aaguendel@aspenhillclub.com or Elliott at edatlow@aspenhillclub.com. We will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner during the work week.
We look forward to seeing you back at the Club soon!

Fit ‘N 5 + Bonus Workout

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By: Heather Williams, Group Exercise Director

Here are five exercises to add to your routine. This program is a great stand alone or a wonderful compliment
pre Yoga or post bike/run/walk.


If you are not already warmed up: Warm up with supported Mountain Climbers



  1. Front Loaded/Goblet Squat
  2. Supported Push Up
  3. Bent Over Row
  4. Bicep Curls
  5. Tricep Dips


Option 1:

  • Perform a circuit of four sets
  • First Set start with 20 to 25 reps
  • Decrease each following set by five reps


Option 2: Perform four sets of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise



Ways to Stem the Tide of Losing Your Gym Gains

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By: John Kecman, Fitness  Director


Here a few things you can do to help yourself keep your gym earned gains. Nobody wants to be forced out of the gym, but here are a few nutrition tips that may help in preserving the muscle you’ve had worked so hard to gain.


  1. Maintain calories or energy intake.
    Eating to maintain helps preserve muscle, but eating too much breaks it down.


  1. Even out your protein distribution across your meals, eat antioxidative, and anti inflammatory foods. Olive oil, leafy greens, walnuts, and berries/assorted other fruits are all good choices of the latter.


  1. Take creatine.
    Creatine certainly has benefits to those who are resistance training, but studies have shown that it can also help maintain muscle mass in times of in activity.


  1. Meet protein requirements daily, and perhaps consider amino acids in between meals, like leucine.
    So, if you were taking 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram (2.2046 lbs) day continue doing so. Cut carbs based on your activity level.



Member Testimonial: Learning to Swim at Aspen Hill Club

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By: Dave Hilmer, AHC Member

I’ve been a life-long swimmer and love the Aquatics Program at Aspen Hill Club since 2005. It is the main reason I joined Aspen Hill Club. Once I had a child, Alexander Hilmer, one of the first things I was looking forward to was having him learn how to swim. When he was five months old we went on a vacation in January, 2019 to Florida and I immediately knew he wanted to swim, since he only spent about 2 minutes in the infant shaded floating inner-tube before he got bored and wanted to get out and swim by his own.  I held him by his underarms and he was kicking and paddling like a storm!


Soon after that experience we started lessons with James Morrison (AKA “Mr. James”) and he took off. After about three lessons both he had learned from James a lot of the how to swim basics, and was doing really well in the water.  By Spring 2019 he became a fixture at the pool, as I spent at least an hour every day swimming with him (and thank you to the wonderful Childminding service at the club, I got my swimming in too after he was done!).  He started with the “puddle jumper” recommended by James, and first put his face in the pool to swim by himself.  With the help of James, I then started to “dunk” him a bit so his face was underwater and he started feeling comfortable with it.  It has been shown that children under 12 months have the natural ability to hold their breath when underwater, so I was determined to get him comfortable with having his face underwater by this point. Summer came around and both my Mother-in-law and I were taking him to our community pool and the Aspen Hill pool, so he was swimming twice a day, and graduated from the “puddle jumpers” to a pool noodle, and started needing swim goggles since he had his face in the water more often than not! By the Fall of 2019 he was independent of the pool noodles (he actually threw them off and started swimming by himself) and started grabbing for the toys on the bench sticking his face underwater by himself – and soon after he was able to grab diving toys from the bottom of the pool with a little push from his Dad, and again with the supervision, encouragement, and help from James. Now, at 19 months, he is starting to lift his head by himself and breathe and basically swim to the wall and bench all by himself.


It did take a lot of work – going swimming with him every day for at least an hour – when he’s healthy – but the great set-up at the pool with the Aspen Hill Club community, lifeguards and staff, especially James Morrison and Terry Kominiski, I think my son has a great future in swimming! Of course, as a Father, I have enjoyed every minute in the water with my son, seeing him learn how to swim, and being so proud of his ability, with the enormous help of the Aspen Hill Club community!





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By: John Woodend, Reception Desk Director


When I was around eight or nine years old, my mother grounded me. I was very rarely punished and was often considered a “Good Kid”, by the various wardens incorporated in my life. Now, I don’t remember what I did to get grounded, but I do clearly remember the feeling that I did not deserve to be grounded. It was summer, it was the 80s, and that punishment meant that I could not go out, see and play with my friends, or ride my bike. I was not happy. Justice was not being served. And I didn’t quite know or understand how to handle the situation I was now in. So, I accepted my sentence and quietly went into the tv room. I turned on the TV to determine which one of THE FIVE CHANNELS WE HAD TO CHOOSE FROM . . .TO WATCH!!!


I hardly had a chance to sit down on the couch, when my mother came into the doorway. Still annoyed with me, she asked me what I was doing and in the same breath told me that I was grounded and that I couldn’t watch TV. Still unsure of how I felt about things, I said okay and I turned off the TV. My mother then exited and I sat for a couple of minutes on the couch in silence. I then decided I would go into the playroom that housed many toys, games and books that I had outgrown. I figured I would organize and clean up the things I didn’t want anymore. Very shortly after my task had begun, my mother appeared yet again in the doorway, more annoyed than before, and told me I wasn’t allowed to play with anything. That was the point where I experienced my first Shawshank moment. My mom watched me put my toys away. I asked if it was okay if I just stayed in the room. She said yes and left. I then started to do push-ups and sit ups. She came back to the doorway because she heard noises. Now, exasperated she said, “No exercising!” I asked, “I can’t exercise?” She said, “No, you just be in here and do nothing” (this was before “time out” was a thing). She then walked off. So, I laid down on the hardwood floor and closed my eyes and began my first impromptu meditation. Maybe ten minutes later my mother returned to the doorway. She probably came back because of the silence, but in my mind, she came back because she felt my unbridled, righteous indignation that I was pumping into the ether. She asked me, “Are you sleeping?” Keeping my eye’s closed, I responded, “No”. She then asked, “What are you doing?” I responded with zero remorse, “Thinking about what to do next.”


We are now in the second month of quarantine. And it is not a coincidence that I remembered this story from childhood. This feels like I’m being grounded! I can’t go out and see my friends! And I didn’t do anything to deserve it! And neither did anyone else. However, what I can do is, decide to do something.


If you are feeling stuck. Do not focus on what you cannot do. Focus on what you still can do. For many of us, this quarantine has gifted us with time.  Don’t squander this gift. When we come out of this, what story will you have to tell? (You owe it to yourself to do more than watching Tiger King). What do you want to do or start doing with this gift of time? If you don’t know what you want to do, first, start by unplugging from all of your devices.  All of them. Next, lie down in a quiet place, relax and ask yourself, what do you want? Stay in the calm and quiet. Then ask, what can I do today? Then, when you are ready, decide to do something that will contribute to your story.


If you are wondering what happened next in my grounding story, my mother, right there, lifted the grounding and let me go out and play. And to the best of my recollection I was never grounded again.  Thus, becoming ungroundable.



A Little Bit More About Your GM

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By: Danielle Bouchard, GM


The dog photo that you see is one of my yellow lab, Gertrude, “Gertie” or “Gertz” for short. This photo was taken at Indian Lake, PA her favorite place! In late 2018, Gertie was diagnosed with a protein deficiency. I had taken her for a routine check-up and had blood drawn and the results that came back shocked both the Dr. and me. She had no symptoms whatsoever, but her levels were so low that the Dr. said “you need to have her see a specialist asap”. So, off to an internal specialist we went.

In order to fix her protein deficiency, she needed to be on three medications with one of those being a chemo type of drug along with blood draws every 6-weeks. Specialty drug stores are the only ones that offer such medicines so I was directed to the Kensington Apothecary off of Connecticut Ave and Knowles. The first time I went to the Apothecary, I wasn’t sure where to park so I parked at the Ace Hardware store located on Knowles. I had never been in that hardware store and I was really curious about it so I decided to visit before going in to the Apothecary. On that day, I uncovered a treasure!  I love that hardware store. Their service is fantastic, they have lots of great items and they have fun gadgets right when you enter.  I love gadgets!

The hardware store also sells dog toys, bird seed, feeders, all sorts of stuff. While there during that first visit, I purchased a bag of wildflower seed. The two other photos you see are the result of throwing that wildflower seed near my mailbox. I love flowers and gosh, I was amazed at all that blossomed. I had flowers from May 2019 through October 2019. Some of the flowers grew to be four to five feet tall. People in my neighborhood would walk down the cul-de-sac just to see the flowers. I met more neighborhood folks that summer because of those flowers.

Anyway, after my visit to the hardware store I made my way to the Apothecary. And again, what a treasure and an amazingly caring staff! I purchased all three medications, quite costly I might add, but my Gertie needed the treatment or else this protein deficiency would be fatal. Yes, I had a good chance of losing her if the treatment did not work or if I elected to forgo treatment.

Here we are almost two years later, and Gertie is doing well. She is still medicated but with only one medication. She is due for bloodwork soon to determine what we do next, but because of Covid-19 I am not venturing out to the vet just yet. She seems happy and that makes me happy!

I hope the pictures put smiles on your faces. It’s important to reflect and remember the good times because no doubt we will have them again, maybe not soon, but we will have them again!

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Weekly AHC Virtual Zoom Classes

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12:00 – 12:30pm – Silver Senior Fitness with John K.

12:00 – 12:45pm – Body Pump with Heather

6:30 – 7:25pm – Zumba with Kiki


5:30 – 6:05pm – Zumba with Jonelle

6:00 – 7:00pm – Body Pump with Allison


12:00 – 12:30pm – Silver Senior Fitness with John K.

12:00 – 12:45pm – Body Pump with Heather

5:30 – 6:00pm – Int/Adv Yoga with Denise


6:00 – 7:00pm – Body Pump with Allison


12:00 – 12:30pm – Silver Senior Fitness with John K.

12:00 – 12:45pm – Body Pump with Heather

1:00 – 1:45pm – Power Stretch with Heather


9:30 – 10:00am – Zumba with Debbie

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Helpful Links

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Hi Everyone!

With everyone working from home, including your AHC staff, I wanted to put together a master list of information to ensure you are getting all of the information we are providing you!

These are things we have been sharing with you recently:

  • Club-wide updates, including info on billing, membership dues, pool construction, etc.
  • Weekly Group Exercise class offerings
  • Tennis workouts and tips
  • Fitness workouts and tips
  • Checking in with members and staff
  • Funny and uplifting content

AHC website: We have been updating the homepage of our website with Club-wide information our GM, Danielle has been sharing. Be sure to scroll down and get caught up on everything. We are also posting to our Blog with this and some other information.

Email: We send emails to our membership via Constant Contact. Our email database is different from our billing database. If you do not already receive our emails from marketing@aspenhillclub.com, please send us an email to get added to the mailing list. You also can sign up to be added to our email list via a link on our website.

Please add marketing@aspenhillclub.com to your email address book to ensure that our emails go directly to your inbox.

Please Note: if you receive an email from us that you are not interested in, please delete that email. If you unsubscribe you will not receive any Club emails.

If you have previously unsubscribed, we will need to send you an email to “confirm your subscription” this email will come from Constant Contact/marketing@aspenhillclub.com. Please follow the prompts in the email (click the link) to confirm your subscription and you will begin receiving emails from us again.


Aspen Hill Club Social Media Guide: 

We have been posting to our social media accounts and would love for you to visit us. Please be sure to “Like” and “Subscribe” and turn “Post Notifications On” so you get notified when we post new content!

Facebook – www.facebook.com/aspenhillclub

Instagram – www.instagram.com/aspenhillclub

YouTube – www.youtube.com/aspenhillclub

For tennis videos with Elliott visit HERE. Elliott has been posting great tennis tips and videos for you to keep practicing your tennis skills while at home!


Please Share With Us!

Now more than ever we want to connect and stay connected with you, our members! Please share with us! Ideas of things to share: recipes, workouts, arts and crafts projects, movies and TV shows you are watching, music you are listening to, podcast suggestions, funny memes, cute pictures of your animals, and anything that puts a smile on your face!

How should you share?

  1. Be sure you “follow” or “like” us on social media. Our handle everywhere (InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube, etc.) is @AspenHillClub
  2. Please either tag us @AspenHillClub or Direct Message us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to share
  3. You can email me at: aaguendel@aspenhillclub.com
  4. When you are sharing something with us, please know that we may post or re-post it. Please be sure you are comfortable with us sharing it online with the rest of our membership.
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We Miss You!

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By: Danielle Bouchard, General Manager


Here I am writing to you from home and wishing I was at the Club providing you the customer service I have become accustomed to providing. There is much to tell you, what the team has done, what services the team continues to provide and how the team is trying to help brighten your day.

The first thing we (AHC) did on March 16, 2020 when we realized we were going to be closed for a good period of time was to communicate to you that we had your back.  We knew you would have questions regarding our next billing and what we would do regarding prepaid programs.

March 17, 2020, I wrote a short note regarding Governor Hogan’s mandated closure. Based on not knowing how long we (AHC) would be closed, we would do everything we could to help make you whole once we would get back to work.

Since then, on March 19, I wrote a short message ensuring you that we were working on how to proceed in the next week regarding member accounts and that it was important to address everyone collectively versus individually.

That was followed by another message on March 25, 2020, letting you know that we would not be processing dues billing until we would reopen. Some of you have asked about dues that were billed prior to April and we have decided, once we reopen, you will not be charged for that first month’s dues. So, please rest assured we do have your back.

Since our reopen date is unknown, we ask for your patience regarding our prepaid programs. We thank you in advance for understanding and we certainly miss you and can’t wait to get back to work!

Now to address what has been taking place behind the scenes:

Zaf Khan continues to manage the physical property.  That is an especially important task at the moment as it usually is.

Heather Williams and some of our group exercise team have been conducting virtual classes for you.  Based on participation, those classes are well attended – so THANK YOU…to you the member and the team for making it happen!

Alex Aleshin-Guendel has been the executer of making sure all those videos and messages have been put on our website and all social media platforms. Without her knowledge on this, well, I’d be lost!

Elliott Datlow has been putting out virtual tennis tips and lessons. Check him out while he is guiding us on how to improve the game, by ourselves, up against a wall! How’s that!

John Kecman and Cory Hill have been putting out virtual classes and exercises for you to do in the space of your own home.  What a team for ensuring that they are keeping you engaged and working out.

John Woodend has been writing some very thought-provoking Facebook posts. If you haven’t seen them yet, look up John’s posts on our AHC Facebook page. All very much worth the read.

Mindy Carter, Frances Cardea have been assisting me administratively with our team’s payroll, member accounts, the recent COVID-19 laws and how we are impacted. We continue to seek what benefits we may be eligible for and how we go about gaining those benefits. It has been non-stop for us. We now know the definition of 24/7!

I am grateful for my team – Thank you for all that you do!  I am grateful for you, our member. I hope that you have the patience to hang in there with us (AHC). We (AHC) are doing the best we can during these unprecedented times. There is a first for everything…this is my first, as it is for many of you, of this sort of thing!

Be well – stay safe – can’t wait to see you again!   Danielle Bouchard, GM


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We Need Your Emails and Updated Contact Information!

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Please contact Tina at tlee@aspenhillclub.com to ensure she has your most recent email on file. When you reach out, please be sure that all of your information is updated in our system, including: emails, phone numbers, address, credit card number, and emergency contact etc. 

  1. Why are we asking for your updated email? Member statements must be emailed to you since we will not be able to mail them to you at this time. Please take this time to consider transferring to paperless billing.
  2. Why are we asking for your updated contact information? If we are going to be updating your email, let’s make sure we have the rest of your contact information up to date! This also includes having an Emergency Contact name, relationship and phone number on file. If anything happens to you while at the Club, we want to ensure we are able to contact your loved ones immediately.

  3. I am already getting emails from the Club, why do I need to contact Tina with my email address? Our email system (Constant Contact) and our billing system, are different! We may have the correct email in our email system and we may have an old one on file in our billing system. Please help us update our billing system. (There is no way to transfer this information from our email system.)