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  1. 10 DAYS FOR $10—Beginning Thursday, December 5th, 2019 we will be selling a 10 Day Guest Pass for $10 Gift Card. This is a great way to have a friend or family member try out the Club with you while helping a good cause! All the proceeds from the Gift Card sale will go to Fred’s ACES which will fund underprivileged kids the ability to participate in our Junior Tennis Program.

Gift card purchases can be made at the Reception Desk. Must be 18 years old to purchase and must be 18 years of age or older to receive. Sale begins December 5th—Save the Date and pick up the PERFECT gift for that special someone!

  1. AHC Gift Cards—Get the gift of tennis lessons, personal training sessions, swim lessons, etc. Pick up an AHC Gift Card in any amount for your friends and family members. Purchase at the Front Desk.
  2. AHC MERCH—Enjoy special discounted pricing on AHC T-shirts, Hats and Gym Bags! Check in with the Front Desk for more information.


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Save the Date: ACES Fundraiser 2020—Friday, April 3rd

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SAVE THE DATE…Fred’s Aces Scholarship Fundraiser

We are looking forward to Friday, April 3rd, 2020 when the Aspen Hill Club’s tennis staff and members will team up to raise money for Fred’s Aces Scholarship Fund! Fred’s Aces is a 501c3 Non-Profit which works to bring local needs based kids into our junior tennis program! The kids apply with an essay and a recommendation. If selected,  they receive a scholarship to attend a full session of junior tennis classes at AHC. Our team will be running a few fundraising events throughout the year—but our biggest event is the April 3rd fundraiser which features TENNIS PLAY, PRIZES, SILIENT AUCTION, & FUN! Please save the date and look out for more information coming soon!


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NEW: Personal Training Packages – The More You Train, the More You Save

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NEW Personal Training Rates Effective January 2020

Beginning Wednesday, January 15th we will be changing and expanding our personal training packages. The new package structure will allow you to maximize your personal training sessions, improve your fitness level and reach your goals.

Our 4 session package is a great introductory package for the client looking to jump start their fitness plan and/or the client new to working with a trainer. Our 8 and 12 session packages will allow the client to train to 3-4 times a week with their trainer with a greater focus on the key components of fitness: endurance, strength and flexibility.

There is a vast amount of research that states training muscle groups more frequently will lead to more progress in terms of both strength and muscle size or muscle hypertrophy.  A Men’s Health article published in April of this year states “After training a muscle, protein synthesis is raised for anywhere between 36 to 48 hours, then it drops back to normal. And if you’ve been lifting for many years, the rise is over a lot more quickly.” This means that no matter how trained you are, and how much you do with any given muscle group, the muscle-building effect of any given workout stops after a maximum of 48 hours.  So if you are only training a group of muscles one day a week you are substantially capping your progress. You may ask “so what if training more frequently builds more muscle, why should I care if I just want to lose weight? Well, if building more muscle increases your daily energy expenditure, even when you don’t make it to the gym, then having more muscle is actually the best long term solution in terms of training for weight loss.

For most people, with the exception of sport-specific/strength sport-related goals, three total body resistance training sessions a week is the best path to achieving any fitness goal.  So whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or get stronger, training frequency is key in reaching your fitness goals. Our new packages are designed to help you reach your goals.



Our new Personal Training Packages are designed to incentivize AHC members to work harder, more frequently, and more effectively to reach their fitness goals. Each package (4 sessions, 8 sessions and 12 sessions) is designed to be completed within one month of initiating training and is renewed on a monthly (4-week) basis unless a written request is submitted prior to the next monthly billing period.


Trainer Unavailable 

In the event your trainer is unavailable (illness/injury/vacation) for any length of time, the member can either use those sessions with another trainer or make-up the sessions with their trainer upon their return.


Illness/Injury/Vacation/Travel Leave

If you are unavailable (due to illness/injury/vacation) and unable to use your packaged training sessions, your trainer must be notified. Once capable, your remaining sessions must be completed within the original package time frame. For example: if you purchase an  8 session package (2 per week for 4 weeks) and 4 had been completed in the 2 weeks prior to you getting the flu, then once you were well enough to return to training you would have 2 additional weeks to complete the remaining 4 sessions in your package.

If you plan to take a vacation/travel which affects your ability to complete all of your Personal Training Package Sessions in the normal time frame you are able to place a hold on your training. You must notify your trainer prior to your travel of your return date and schedule your remaining sessions in advance.


Withdrawal Due to Continuing Illness or Injury

If you have a medical issue or injury that prevents you from continuing your Personal Training, a doctor’s note that explicitly states the reason for your discontinuation of Personal Training is required for a pro-rated refund.


Our 24-hour cancellation policy is still in effect with our new Personal Training Packages.

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Celebrating 40 Years at AHC!

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By: Alex Aleshin-Guendel

Jeff and his daughters Emma and Sarah
Jeff with some of his team members from over the years

On Friday, October 18th we celebrated Jeff Klein’s 40 years at the Aspen Hill Club with a Surprise Party! Jeff started his career here in 1979, as one of our first pros. Throughout the years, Jeff has held many different positions within the Tennis Department, including his roll of Tennis Director for 15 years. J

eff’s teaching style focuses on the mental aspect of the game with notable phrases you may have heard on court like: “Move to the Ball”, “Move, Position, Swing, Recover” and “Here, not There”.

Joining us to celebrate his achievement were over 100 friends, members and co-workers, old and new. After a genuine surprise (who would have thought that was possible with the amount of people who knew) we celebrated. Along with food and drinks, there were “Pin the Pony on the Pro” and  “Name ALL of the Operations” games as well as a slideshow of memories from the past 40 years. Displayed in the East Lounge were over 40 written memories from family, friends, members and co-workers who described Jeff’s impact on their life and/or tennis game.

We want to thank the Club, Management and Team Members for their generous support with the event, as well as everyone who attended or sent well wishes for this monumental occasion! And a special thank you to Jeff—reaching this career milestone truly demonstrates your dedication to your craft, your students, and the Club itself.


Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Much More than Just a Workout – Brill Family – December 2019

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Marlie and Andy had always enjoyed being a member of a gym, and when they moved to a new area in 2012 they had nowhere to go. With some research, Marlie uncovered a hidden gem! She knew she needed somewhere that she could go to work out, but what she found was something much more.

Marlie explains part of her search process, “I didn’t know The Club was there and didn’t know anyone that was a member…I worked from home and needed somewhere that would watch the kids when I was working out.” Eric gave Marlie a fantastic tour during her first visit, Marlie was so impressed with what she had unearthed that she joined that very night.

When Marlie first joined the Club, Matt was 2 years old while Ben was 5. The boys started out in Child Minding, and that first summer they entered Mindy’s Kids Kamp. The kids loved going to Aspen Hill because they did so many fun activities. The family were regular participants in Aspen Hill Club’s kids’ activities such as our annual Pumpkin Carvin’ Party, Trick-or-Treat Parade and our annual Gingerbread House Party.

During summertime Kids Kamp one of the daily activities is playing 30-minutes of tennis. The kids continued going to Kids Kamp for four years and continued playing tennis, but enjoyed the other activities more! It wasn’t until this past Summer that Matt and Ben focused on tennis camp. Matt and Ben both participated in full-day Champion’s Tennis Camp and their tennis games flourished! Both participated in their first competitions—being members of Aspen Hill Club’s Championship-winning Junior Interclub Team and even entering their first sanctioned USTA tennis tournaments.

Marlie stays busy while the kids are playing tennis. She regularly has personal training sessions with Heather, which she enjoys even though Marlie says (about Heather) “She kicks my butt! But it’s great.” Marlie also enjoys swimming workouts in the pool and has been attended Jeff Klein’s Saturday morning Beginner Tennis Drills.

Andy grew up playing tennis for fun and envisioned playing tennis at Aspen Hill Club when they became members. He didn’t realize that the boys would be so into playing, but he’s happy that tennis is such a great family bonding time. The family often plays doubles, in fact, they are in the process of upgrading their membership to “Presidential” so they can move their weekly neighborhood tennis games indoors during the winter season. In addition to tennis, Andy enjoys playing racquetball with friends at the Club.

The Brill family stays very active with many activities at the Club, but what really makes the space special to Marlie is the relationships that she has built, “I like that the staff have been there, they know my kids and look out for them. Heather let me know that Ben hit a winning forehand in a tennis match!” The kids know that they have family friends in the staff too, in fact, the cool lifeguard (James) helped him pull out his first tooth!”

The Brill family has so many memories at Aspen Hill Club and is a great motivation for all families and individuals to be active. “Put yourself out there at least once, everyone is so nice!… I joined a tennis class to learn tennis, not to meet friends. But now have new friends!” explains Marlie.

Marlie, Andy, Ben, and Matt—THANK YOU for adding so much to our community at the Aspen Hill Club. Every time you “check-in” at the front desk, the Club is a happier place!



WFPB = Whole Foods Planet-Based

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By: Dmitry Tepper, AHC Personal Trainer


There is a prevalent myth with regards to sports nutrition, especially with male athletes. It’s so popular that most people actually believe it and what is even worse – they follow it. I was one of these people most of my life, both following generally accepted by strength athletes diet and preaching it to others. Just a couple of years ago I took time to actually research the topic that seemed so apparent to me and all the sudden, I realized that what I knew about nutrition in general and sports nutrition in particular, cannot be further from the truth. Well, I can’t say that I accepted my new truth right away, without trying it myself, but the scientific evidence was there and I decided to give it a shot. There are two very different types of people when it comes to radically changing one’s diet. First, most common type prefers slow transition, substituting foods step by step, one meal a day, one day a week, slowly ramping it up. I’m the exact opposite of that, I am a big fan of the “cold turkey” approach to pretty much everything, so one morning I threw away almost everything that was in my fridge, everything that didn’t fit my new views on
nutrition. I spent several hours figuring out the new menu for the week and went grocery shopping.


While embarking on this journey I didn’t share my new way of eating habits, even with my close friends because I knew exactly what their reaction would be. I decided to prove superiority of my new diet first. After just a couple of month it was crystal clear that this was the way to go. My energy levels went up, recovery times got shorter, I was putting muscle on and getting stronger. Then I decided to open up to my friends. I wasn’t surprised by their first reaction: “Are you crazy, man?”, “Aren’t you afraid to loose strength?”, “How are you still able to lift?” and many other questions along these lines. I didn’t blame them, I was exactly like them just a couple months ago. These days, they all realize that what I am doing isn’t wrong, but it is actually superior to the conventional sports nutrition.


Are you still in the dark about what type of diet I’m on? Best diet even for most serious competing strength athletes like myself? It’s actually
pretty simple – exclude all animal products, eat clean plant based whole foods only. Unlike the word “vegan” that has nothing to do with diet actually, WFPB or Whole Foods Plant-Based describes it all. This is the healthiest way to eat no matter what your activity level and type is. It will give you the most energy to push through the most grueling workout. It will keep internal inflammation down and help you recover from workouts and injuries much faster. It will keep your weight down and your arteries unclogged and dilated. It will make you a better athlete, period.


Not convinced yet? Watch the new documentary “The Game Changers” on Netflix, you will be surprised that some of the best athletes in the world share my views: Arnold Shwarzeneger, James Wilks, Lewis Hamilton, Patric Baboumian, Morgan Mitchel, Kendrick Farris to name a few. It changed my life forever!

Group Exercise

Sunrise Yoga Flow with Audrey

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Join Audrey Wednesday at 6:00am for an hour long Vinyasa Flow. This will be a multi-level class but, some Yoga experience is ideal.


Testimonial – By: Jane Beston

Jane BestonI’ve been a member of Aspen Hill club for a little over four years. When I first joined I was doing an early morning class two days a week that I loved until it was discontinued two year’s ago. Since that time I have been requesting the return of early morning classes, specifically yoga. I was pleased to see sunrise yoga on the schedule earlier this month. We’ve now had two classes on Wednesday at 6:00am and attendance has been quite healthy…apparently there are others like myself that enjoy early morning exercise. Our instructor, Audrey, is excellent. She is quite thoughtful in her practice and her instructions are spot on. Audrey will provide as much or little guidance as you need. This class,  although they encourage experience, I think if you have an interest in yoga, you will enjoy. Bottom line…It’s a great way to begin your Wednesday! Hope to see you there!



Junior Tournament Tennis

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By: Elliott Datlow, Junior Tennis Director


Hello everyone! I wanted to take a minute to help everyone understand the basics of junior tournament play. Tennis tournaments sanctioned through the United States Tennis Association (USTA) count towards a player’s ranking (or standing) in our region, which is USTA/ Mid-Atlantic. A player needs to be a member of the USTA in order to play a tournament—all of our juniors should be members of USTA!

At the Club we have been hosting many USTA Level 7 tournaments. These are designed to be “entry level” tournaments and to teach kids about tournament play. Our team at the Aspen Hill Club believes that kids get BETTER and LEARN through competition.  We also host several “Level 5” events throughout the year for those experienced tournament players.

Tournaments are designated by “Levels,” with Level 1 (L1) being the highest level while L8 is for players just learning about tournament play. The higher the level, the more points a player earns for their ranking.  As an example, a player that wins one match at a L3 earns 190 points while a player winning an entire L7 tournament earns 165 points. There is little incentive for very strong players to play lower level tournaments.

A player’s ranking is made up of the sum of their top 5 tournament events within a year. So If I had played 6 tournaments and my point totals were 200, 210, 215, 220, 225, and 100—the event where I earned 100 points would not count towards my ranking. This is a sign that I should be playing higher level tournaments!

Tips for Tournament Players:

  • Age divisions go by 2 year groupings: 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s. So a 13 year old girl would play “Girls 14 and under” (G14u). She is permitted to play the 16s and 18s, but she isn’t able to play younger divisions.
  • ALL players that play a L8 tournament earn 50 ranking points! A player needs to win a match in higher level events to earn any points. Example: If I play a L7 tournament and don’t win any matches, I earn zero points.
  • Points earned in older age divisions count down! So if I usually play 12 and under tournaments, but earn points in the 14 and under—those points will count towards my 12 and under ranking.
  • Level 7 & 8 events are scheduled as 1 day and/or TIMED events! You will know the timeframe that the kids will play Level 6+up are 2 day events! They can take up much of a weekend



Clash Mania at AHC

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By: Terrance Scott, Adult Tennis Director

I was teaching a class on Monday night and on the court next to me there were four ladies playing during their Reserved Season Contract Time. I couldn’t help but notice that all four of them were playing with the same racquet, which I also play with. The Wilson Clash has been selling like crazy and for good reason. The racquet provides phenomenal control yet allows you to give off a powerful shot with the flex from the racquet head. If that’s not enough for you to go out and buy it immediately, did I forget to mention that you don’t feel a thing in your arm during the impact of the ball. I love this racquet and apparently so does everyone else! See Tim Hahn at the Pro Shop to try it for yourself. You are in for a treat!


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Childminding Cold & Flu Policy—When to Stay Home!

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No one wants to keep his or her child out of school – or a sibling out of the nursery, but that’s the best way to control the spread of colds and flu. Children SHOULD NOT be placed in Childminding if they:


  • Have had a fever during the last 24 hours
  • Have a large amount of nasal discharge. If you try a decongestant, do so well enough in advance to observe its affect on the discharge, and the child’s behavior. Always tell the Childminding staff about the medications the child has received.
  • Have a “productive” cough (one that brings up a lot of mucus)
  • Have diarrhea (4 or more loose stools per day)
  • Have vomited in the last 24 hours
  • Have a sore throat and you are able to see white patches when you look into the throat
  • Have impetigo or any other contagious disease


If your child should contract a contagious disease (for example, chicken pox, measles), contact Childminding immediately so we can alert the other members. To help prevent the spread of colds and flu we recommend frequent hand washing. For best results, the hands should be washed with soap and water. Remember a sick child has lowered resistance to other germs and probably won’t enjoy coming to Childminding. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our director at extension 111.