Lessons, Group Lessons, Master Swim

Aspen Hill Club offers a beautiful 25-meter indoor swimming pool with programs for all ages and swimming abilities, from private, semi-private & group lessons and the Super Swimmer program for kids, to Masters Swim for the experienced swimmer and clinics.

Our Philosophy is: “Perfect practice makes perfect strokes.”

Our emphasis is on performing the skills correctly before adding speed and endurance.


Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Ideal for people who need specialized attention or who cannot attend group lessons. Individual swim lessons are given by a trained swimming instructor and are by appointment only.

Swim Diaper Policy

For more information or to sign up for any swim program, contact James Morrison, Aquatic Director

301-598-5200 ext. 129

or Mindy Carter

301-598-5200 ext. 111

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Super Swimmer

Super Swimmers, children who have been approved as strong swimmers and educated on appropriate behavior,  are able to be left in the pool while parents workout. To become an approved Super swimmer, children are testing during Adult and Family Swim. If your child is unable to pass the test, we offer group and private swim lessons to accommodate any skill level. If you child passes all Super Swimmer requirement, parents must sign children into the Aquatics Department. A child under the age of 14 may only swim without parental supervision if the parent has signed them in with the lifeguard. We reserve the right to periodically test a child’s swimming ability. See the Aquatics Department for a full copy of this policy and download the Super Swimmer guidelines below

Group Swim Lessons

The design of our swim program is based on the streamline position, student focus, and fun. We place individuals according to their skill level and not necessarily by age groups. At the first session, all students are evaluated and placed in a smaller group with those with similar proficiency. See the backside of the Group Lesson form for more information

Master Swim

Master Swim is offered to our members at NO extra charge. This is a coached workout for proficient adult lap swimmers. The hour long class includes interval and endurance training.

Terry's Clinic

A clinic held in the fall, winter, and spring designed for children preparing for a swim team or those already on a swim team. Focus is placed on techniques and stroke development. Each session is approximately 10 practice weeks. I you are questioning what group your child should be in, please call Coach Kominski at ext. 129. Registration forms can be picked up at the pool, program carousel, or on our website. If you are not an Aspen Hill Club member, please contact Eric at (301) 598-5200 to inquire about your options. 

Download more information below: