Private Lessons & Group Lessons

Aspen Hill Club offers a beautiful 25-meter indoor swimming pool with lessons for all ages and swimming abilities.

Our Philosophy is: “Perfect practice makes perfect strokes.”

Our emphasis is on performing the skills correctly before adding speed and endurance. Private, semi-private & group lessons are available.

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Ideal for people who need specialized attention or who cannot attend group lessons. Individual swim lessons are given by a trained swimming instructor and are by appointment only.

Swim Lessons

Instructors that are available currently for instruction are:

James Morrison – Sr. Swim Instructor  

Victoria Copeland – Sr. Swim Instructor  

     Rachel Sigwalt – Sr. Swim Instructor  

Marian Conteh  – Swim Instructor 

Natalie DeMarchi  – Swim Instructor 

Once you have filled out your swim lesson form – simply send an email to James Morrison attaching your form.
If you know which instructor you would like, please indicate their name in your email.

Our swim instructors are ready to offer you a variety of options for private lessons. All of our instructors are passionate about swimming and look forward to the opportunity to help you or your children to reach your swimming goals – whatever they may be!

Private & Semi-Private Rates Clinics Rates
Private 30 minute $35 3-students


$15 each
Private 45 minute $49 3-students


$23 each
Private 60 minute $63 3-students


$30 each
Semi-Private 30 minute (per student) $23 4-students


$12 each
Semi-Private 45 minute (per student) $31 4-students


$17 each
Semi-Private 60 minute (per student) $38 4-students


$24 each


For more information or to sign up for any swim program, contact James Morrison, Aquatic Director

301-598-5200 ext. 129

or Mindy Carter

301-598-5200 ext. 111

    Super Swimmer

    Super Swimmers, children who have been approved as strong swimmers and educated on appropriate behavior, are able to be left in the pool while parents workout. To become an approved Super swimmer, children are tested during Adult and Family Swim. If your child is unable to pass the test, we offer group and private swim lessons to accommodate any skill level. If your child passes all Super Swimmer requirement, parents must sign children into the Aquatics Department. A child under the age of 14 may only swim without parental supervision if the parent has signed them in with the lifeguard. We reserve the right to periodically test a child’s swimming ability. See the Aquatics Department for a full copy of this policy and download the Super Swimmer guidelines below

    Group Swim Lessons

    The design of our swim program is based on the streamlined position, student focus, and fun. We place individuals according to their skill level and not necessarily by age groups. At the first session, all students are evaluated and placed in a smaller group with those with similar proficiency. See the backside of the Group Lesson form for more information.

    Junior Competitive Swim Clinic

    Join Coach Rachel Sigwalt for the Aspen Hill Club’s Competitive Swim Clinic. Every swimmer has different goals they need to accomplish. Coach Rachel’s clinic is structured to provide swimmers the tools to improve and/or to make changes or slight corrections to the swimmer’s strokes improving their ability to swim laps or compete more effectively. Coach Rachel will also provide technical swim drills for a challenging optimal benefit. The Aspen Hill Club looks forward to providing you with a safe clean environment to help your swimmer achieve their swimming goals! If you are not sure what level to choose for your child, call us and we will happily arrange a free swim test with Coach Rachel. For more information on signing up for group swim lessons – please contact James at ext. 129 or find a copy of our Competitive swim clinic form at the Club or here on the website.

    Aquatics Lessons Policies

    Attendance Policy: Each session consists of four 30-minute lessons for the listed price. Attendance will be taken in every class. Please note that if the participant is late for class the instructor will not be responsible for making up that time. You must call the Aquatics Department 24 hours prior to your lesson time to inform your instructor that your child will not be in attendance at 301-598-5200ext. 129. If your child has a last-minute illness-exceptions may be made by the Aquatics Director only. If prior notice is given, the missed lesson must be made up during the same session of swim lessons. Please coordinate with your swim instructor on a make-up date.

    Cancellation Policy: All swimming lessons will follow the group exercise cancellation policy. If MCPS has canceled the school day due to inclement weather, swim classes will not be held. If schools are delayed, swim classes will be held. If classes are canceled for any other reason: holidays, sudden closures, or instructor illness, classes will either be made up or your session will be prorated. The instructor will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible. We will make every effort to make up classes in these situations as soon as possible.

    Minimum Participants: All classes must have at least 2 participants in order for the class to be classified as a “group lesson”. If 2 participants do not show up for the first lesson then, the first lesson will be given and you will be given the option to continue the session for an additional fee of $20.00. However, you have the option to register for a different class if you wish to do so.

    Club Membership: In order for your children to participate in the Group Swim Lesson Program or private swim lessons they must be on your membership.

    Group Lessons Requirements and Goals

    Pre-Swimmer Level 0 (Formerly Water Babies) - Ages 3 months to 2 years
    Children must wear rubber pants over diapers. Requirements: Parent/Child class. No swimming skills are required. Goals: Water exploration and enjoyment. Start Pre-swimming skills.

    Level 1 - Ages 3-4 years, 5-7 years, 8 & older
    Requirements: No swimming skills required. Your child must be willing to enter the pool from the side. Goals: Willingly puts face and head in and under the water. Your child glides with a face in the water 10 yards in the streamline position and elementary back position. Has the ability to float and move independently with flotation device working toward floating independently on back. The child will learn pool rules to include safety on the pool deck.

    Level 2 - Ages 3-6 years, 7 & older
    Requirements: Comfortably goes underwater and able to swim forward with face in the water. Goals: Float independently on the back. Swim with face in the water for short distances. Swim underwater. Start front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke. Your child will learn basic water safety.

    Level 3 - Intermediate
    Requirements: Swims underwater 5 yards and swims on back 10 yards. The child is well-adjusted and comfortable in the water.  Goals: Rhythmic breathing in combination with swimming skills: front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke. Treading water.

    Level 4 - Stroke Development
    Requirements: Can swim front crawl with rotary breathing and back crawl. Your child can swim elementary backstroke and breaststroke. Goals: Develop and maintain aquatic alignment and balance. Front and back crawl 25 yards. Learn breaststroke and butterfly fundamentals. Backstroke 25 yards. Improve front and back crawl. Improve breaststroke and learn butterfly.

    Beginner Adult Classes - ON HIATUS
    Requirements: The willingness to learn. Goals: Learn basic swimming skills for streamlining swimming in front and back crawl, breaststroke. Each swimmer will progress at their own pace and each class will challenge all participants. Aerobic conditioning will increase thru the progression of practices. Goggles are suggested.