Adult Tennis

Spring/Summer 2018 Match Play Programs

Men’s Singles – 8:00 – 9:30pm – Indoor Hard Courts
Cost: $180 + tax per nine week session

Monday – Levels: 3.0-3.5 & 3.5-4.0
Second Session: July 9th – September 10th

Tuesday – Levels: 4.0+
Second Session: June 26th – August 21st

Thursday – Levels: 3.0-3.5 & 3.5-4.0
Second Session: July 5th – August 30th

*Note: There are NO matches on Labor Day, Monday, September 3rd.

Ladies Singles – 7:00 – 8:30pm - Indoor Hard Courts
Cost: $180 + tax per nine week session

We are able to create new Ladies Singles programs at different times, days and skill levels based on interest.

Early Bird & Ball Machine

Early Bird - Monday-Friday 6:00-9:00am, Saturday-Sunday 6:00-8:00am - Level: All

Ball Machine Gold or Family - Monday-Sunday All Day - Level: All - unlimited use for one year

One Time Ball Machine Users pay $32 + $2.24 tax per hour; Early Bird & Unlimited Players pay $16 + $1.12 tax per Ball Machine session during their program times

For more information on everything tennis, contact Terrance Scott, Tennis Director

301-598-5200 ext. 121

or Alex Aleshin-Guendel, Tennis Administrative Director

301-598-5200 ext. 119

or complete the form below:

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Adult Tennis Beginner Drills

The Aspen Hill Club offers a progression of reasonably priced, six-week group lessons for those being introduced or making a comeback to tennis. Sessions are one hour and weekday or weekend sessions are available.

Tuesday - 12:00 - 1:00pm with Jeff Klein
Wednesday - 6:00 - 7:00pm with Jeff Klein
Saturday - 9:00 - 10:00am  with Jeff Klein

Please note: if you have missed the beginning date of a program we can work with you to make-up the date at a later time, or pro-rate the session for you. Joining any of the Adult Beginner Drills mid-session is not a problem, you will not be behind!

You can join a six-week Beginner Drill group at any time. We need at least three people to host each session.

Hot Shot of the Month

Every Month there will be a new tennis shot highlighted. There will be an emphasis on volleys, forehand ground strokes, backhand ground strokes, overheads, swinging volleys, drop shots, lobs and more.

  • Hot Shot is on hiatus over the summer

Pros vs. Joes

Try to beat Tennis Director Terrance Scott and Senior Pro Michael Gee in a doubles tennis match. If by any chance you beat the pros, then you will be credited for the $30 registration fee, and you will receive an Aspen Hill Club Dri-Fit shirt.  Pictures and Results will go in our monthly newsletter.

Level: 4.5+

Cost: $30 per player, Guests are welcome to participate

Challenge us if you dare! Challenges will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Please email Terrance Scott ( to submit a challenge.

Instructionals Drills


Tuesday AM Drills - Tuesday 10:00-11:30am - Level: 2.5-3.0

$314 + tax per 10-weeks, $282 + tax per 9-weeks $35 + tax Drop-in's

First Session: May 8th – July 10th (10 weeks)
Second Session: July 17th – September 11th (9 weeks)

This is a 3.0+/- instructional drill group that focuses on:

  • how to concentrate to play at a high level
  • increase the quality of your swings
  • make better contact more frequently
  • reduce chances for injury
  • guaranteed improvement

Attendance on a regular basis is advised to get the most out of the program.

Wednesday PM Drills - Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm - Level: 3.0-3.5+

$349 + tax per 10-weeks, $314 + tax per 9-weeks, $40 + tax Drop-in’s

First Session: May 2nd – July 11th (10 weeks)
Second Session: July 18th – September 12th (9 weeks)

An instructional drills program which coaches you on the mental and physical skill to:
- Increase your reaction time
- Move most efficiently to be in the best position
- Prepare and execute your best complete stroke
- Recover to your best court position
- Incorporating the mind and body to work as one will insure the highest rate of development

Next Level Clinic - Saturday 12:00-1:30pm - Level: 2.5-3.5

$314 + tax per 10-week session, $37 + tax Drop-in's

First Session: April 21st – June 30th (10 weeks) No Class 5/26/18
Second Session: July 7th – September 8th (10 weeks)

This class is for players who have been stuck at a certain level for a while and is interested in taking their game to the next level. In this class we will be working on stroke production, consistency, Volleys, overheads serves and returns. This will be a fast paced clinic with lots of drilling and live ball play to take your game to the next level. Come ready to sweat and get better!

Sunday Singles Clinic - Sunday 11:00am-12:30pm - Level: 3.0-4.0

6-week extension: 4/22/18 - 6/17/18 (No Class 5/13 & 5/27)

Want to become a better singles player? Well this is the class for you. We will focus on singles strategy, consistency, serves, returns and a variety of tactics to use during a singles match. This clinic is all live ball play. We will train you with repetition on how to be successful with different skill sets and numerous ways to compete.

Friday Happy Hour & Doubles Frenzy

Happy Hour is a great opportunity for our members to play tennis, socialize and relax at the end of a busy week. Friday evenings, during our indoor season, AHC players can reserve courts and invite guests for doubles play at a reduced rate. This program is held from 7:00 to 8:30pm, and 8:30 to 10:00pm. A two-court limit is place on reservations. Contact the front desk to reserve your court.

Happy Hour is on hiatus during the outdoor season.


Doubles Frenzy NEW PROGRAM! Come for the tennis and stay for the fun! Two hours of doubles "mix n' match" partners and opponents. After the tennis, stay and hang out with light food and drink! Registration includes one beer or wine ticket.

Each week's winner receives a free pass for the next Frenzy! 

Time: Tennis from 6:00—8:30pm

Cost: $25 + tax per tennis member​, $30 + tax per fitness member or guest

Register: At the Front Desk or contact Elliott at

Spring/Summer Adult Tennis Ladder

This 21-week ladder begins Monday, April 23 and ends Sunday, September 16. 

There is a one-time $5 entry fee to join each ladder. 


  • Men’s Singles
  • Men’s 50+ Singles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Men’s Doubles
  • Women’s Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles


  • Top of the Ladder winner in men’s and women’s singles will receive a one hour tennis lesson with Tennis Director Terrance Scott


  • To sign up you must email Terrance Scott at
  • Submit the email you want to use for the ladder and the best phone number you can be reached at as well as which ladder(s) you would like to participate in
  • If you are playing doubles indicate your partner

All participants will receive an email asking to reset your password. You will then log in and set the password you would like to use for the online system. 

Ladder Rules: 

  • All matches will be a super 10 game pro set.
  • You may only issue one challenge at a time.
  • You can only be challenged by one player/team at any given time. This prevents outstanding challenges from accumulating against you.
  • You may challenge up to 3 or 5 spots, depending on how many players are registered in your ladder group.
  • If the challenge is successful, you will take the spot of the person you challenge and your opponent will be bumped down 1 spot.
  • Both players bring a new can of balls to the match. Use one can for the match and the winner takes the unopened can for their next match.
  • If challenged, you will have 3 days to "Accept" or "Deny" the challenge or the challenge will be considered a "forfeit" and the challenger will be granted the win.
  • The Challenged player must give a weekday and weekend time to play the match.
  • By accepting a challenge, you agree to play the challenge within 7 days after the date of acceptance.
  • If you cannot play within 7 days, simply "Deny" the challenge and the challenger will be rewarded the win and can move on.
  • If a challenge is accepted and not played within 7 days, it will expire and the challenge will be deleted from the system and will have to be re-issued. Since rankings are constantly changing a challenger may not be able to reissue the same challenge.

Your ladder administrator is Tennis Director, Terrance Scott. You can contact Terrance at 301.598.5200, ext. 121 or by email at: with any questions.