Discounted Dues - In Advance, We Thank you!

Dear Tennis Member,
I hope this letter finds you doing well, keeping healthy and doing all the right things to keep safe. It has been a long road to arrive to this point in writing a letter to you regarding membership. As you know, we opened 6 outdoor tennis courts on Wednesday, May 13. By Tuesday, May 19, we had a total of 10 courts open and ready for play. Many of you braved and trusted that we would have good systems in place to keep you safe. And so far, all has gone very well with the reopening of outdoor tennis.
It has been quite an experience managing such a facility and its team during Covid-19. Some of you were generous by contributing to our Labor Fund and we are grateful for your contributions. I am also grateful that you have stuck with us during this time and for your continued support. I know that it has been and continues to be difficult for many.
During the mandated closure, the Club continued to maintain operations from a facility perspective. Vendors, monthly contracts, and utilities did not dissolve during this time as we have continued those financial responsibilities and obligations.
We have now entered our most costly season for tennis. The resurfacing, materials, cost of goods, and the daily maintenance are quite an undertaking. For those of you who prefer to play on hard courts, our two outdoor hard courts will be resurfaced mid-June. Our commitment is to continue providing outdoor tennis through the season, weather permitting.
As difficult as this has been on you, it is important to keep the Club afloat financially. If we are unable to cover our cost, sustaining this large Club will be very difficult. With that said, we will begin charging dues on Monday, June 1, 2020 at a discounted rate of 50% for your July dues. As you know, we did not collect dues during our closure.
If you have questions, please contact Tina Mance-Lee at or Lori Carter at
Best of Health,
Danielle Bouchard, GM
Aspen Hill Club


I do hope this message finds you all doing well. I am sure many of you have enjoyed being outside while enjoying some fresh air. We opened our courts on Wednesday, May 13 and each day we have more members that are trusting our processes and feeling safe on our courts. We love seeing you out there!
Based on how well the past week or so has gone, it is time to make some more changes to our policies and I will begin with the very basic reminders:
  1. Remember to wear your mask when you exit your car and when entering the Club. Keep the mask on when you are engaging in conversation – that part is extremely important.
  2. Keep your social distance when on the court and when having conversations with others.
  3. Bring your own towel, water bottle, chair if necessary. We are trying to limit the items that people touch in order to keep you safe.
  4. You will notice large canisters of wipes at every bank of courts. We have hand sanitizer in the Club as well.
  5. Our restrooms are being cleaned frequently and hourly. It is important that you wash your hands, do not touch your face and be smart about your processes.
  6. All courts must be reserved via the Kourts app. If the App is not working correctly on your phone, it is suggested that you delete the app and reinstall the app. This should resolve the issue. At this time we will not be answering the phones.
  7. June 1, 2020, you will be able to reserve courts for 1.5 hours for doubles and we will expand our operating hours to begin at 8:00am until 6pm. (Court usage in the afternoons has not been as busy as the mornings. Because the Club is not fully open and because we are staffing the front desk from opening until 6pm, during this time we will reserve the right to close the Club early if we do not have courts booked for afternoon play.)
  8. June 1, 2020,  we will begin providing private lessons only, or semi-private lessons with two family members who have quarantined together.
  • No clinics at this time
  • Each Pro will be trained on how to provide the lesson in a safe manner
  • Each Pro will be in-charge of the tennis balls - You will not touch the tennis balls
  • There will be no serving during the lessons
  • Both of you will wear a mask when conversing
  • All lesson charges will be placed on your Aspen Hill Club account
If you need to discuss your account, you can reach out to Tina Mance-Lee at or Lori Carter at
If you have not played tennis yet, I certainly hope that you do soon. Outdoor tennis, if taking all the right precautions, is a great way to get your fitness in while getting some well needed fresh air.
Have a great Memorial Day and remember, we close at 1:00pm on Monday, May 25th.


Are you ready for some outdoor tennis? We are! And thanks to the following team for making it happen:

Led by Zaf Khan… Mike Havenner, Elvin Rivera, Duane House, Anthony Palomino, Kamal Khan, James Morrison, David Finlay, John Woodend and Eric Suchinsky. They’ve been working for the past two weeks, weather permitting, on getting courts open and here we are ready to make it happen.

I want to reiterate some very important points for tomorrow’s opening:

  1. You must wear a mask while at the Club except for when playing on the court.
  2. Bring your water, towel, and chair to sit in if you feel you will need to take a break and remember to take your trash with you.
  3. Reservations open at 6pm this evening, May 12.
  4. Members are limited to 1 hour of play per day.
  5. Members are limited to 2 “active” reservations per week – Ex: (Monday 9am and Tuesday 9am, after you have used the first reservation you can then book the second one).
  6. At this time, only Presidential members can book and play on the courts and No Guests permitted at this time.
  7. One point of entry located on the deck – door will be propped open.
  8. One person can check for the all players on the court.
  9. One point of exit – signs will direct you.
  10. Upstairs restrooms will be available – one person at a time.
  11. We have social distancing placards showing where to stand and reminding you to keep your social distance.
  12. In the event of rain and based on the remainder of the Club being closed, we may not staff the Club for outdoor tennis if 50% or more of the day is rain regardless of morning or afternoon. This is uncommon ground for us, so we ask for your patience during rain events as we determine how to proceed.
  13. We are operating on limited staff, if you have accounting questions you can reach out to Tina Mance-Lee at, or Lori Carter at Lcarter@aspenhillclub.comand either one can assist you with your accounting question.

See you tomorrow!

Danielle Bouchard, GM



Since the last member update, many of you have been writing with questions and concerns. I have worked toward answering each email individually, but as you know, with a Club as large as ours the emails can be significant. Below, please find answers to thoughts you may be having:
  1. We will have an “open” point of entry on the deck. The entry door will be propped “open”, so you do not have to touch the door handle.
  2. We will have a separate point for exit with a push door – no hands necessary.
  3. We will have social distancing markers showing where to stand.
  4. Your AHC team will be wearing masks and soon will be behind plexi-glass (that has not taken place yet but will soon.)
  5. The Kourts system will be up and running by 6pm Tuesday, May 12, 2020. If you have tried to log on, you will not be able to reserve courts until Tuesday, May 11 at 6pm.
  6. One person can check in the entire group – we will be walking the courts to make sure all players registered to play are the players playing.
  7. I am depending on you to assign the “ball person” that is the player in your group that will handle the balls. This is up to you and how you want to handle that process.
  8. If you are not comfortable playing because someone in your household is at high risk, please read the CDC recommendations. I am not at liberty to recommend what you should or should not do.
  9. I do not have a timeline on when our current policies will change. This will depend on our government leaders, my industry leaders, and what is best in each phase.
  10. We are limiting the things you touch at the point of entry and on court for safety reasons.
I am working toward doing all that I can to keep you safe. Again, I ask that you do the same as well. See you at the Club – but if you are not ready, I certainly understand.


While the stay at home order is still in place, Governor Hogan approved outdoor tennis as of May 6, 2020.  We know you are excited about playing tennis outdoors so we will have 6 outdoor courts open by Wednesday, May 13, 2020.  We ask for your patience as we maneuver how our processes will work and we will manage those processes with each passing day.  Below you will find the guidelines and policies during this time.

Please be reminded that if you are not feeling well, regardless of your symptoms, do not come to the Club.  If we recognize that you are not well, and other members raise concern, you may be asked to leave.

The following spaces or services will be closed to members:

  • Locker rooms, Indoor Tennis Courts, All Studios, Fitness Center, Pool, Racquetball Courts, Basketball Court and Child Minding, Lobby, Lounges, Café, Massage, Ball Machine
  • No Towel Service and No Water Stations Will Be Provided (water will be sold at the reception desk)
  • All accounting and member services will be provided via the phone or email (no cash purchases at this time)

Social Distancing:

  • Markers will be placed at the reception desk indicting where to stand for check-in and where to exit
  • People should stay at least six feet apart to maintain social distancing
  • Players should stay on their side of court and avoid changing ends
  • All entrances to courts will be locked at the end of each day

Items you should bring:

  • Members must wear masks or facial coverings except when playing tennis and remain at a social distance throughout your game
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer
  • Bring your own water or purchase a bottle at the reception desk
  • A new can of balls must be used and players should determine among the group how they can best handle the tennis balls while playing (new balls can be purchased at the reception desk)
  • A portable chair (benches will not be provided)
  • Bag for trash (you must remove and take your personal trash with you)

Outdoor Tennis – Courts available from 9:00am to 6:00pm only:

  • The Club deck entrance will be the only entrance open at this time
  • We will not be answering the phone during this time
  • There will be no congregating on court or on Club property
  • No more than 4 players on court, no guests, or observers on court or on Club property
  • Kids 18 and under can only play with their parents
  • Online reservations only through Kourts beginning on Tuesday, May 12 at 6pm - If you need assistance accessing the Kourts app, please contact Alex at or Elliott at
  • Check in at the reception desk no more than 10 minutes prior to your reserved time
  • At this time and because courts are limited, reservations for singles and doubles will be 1 hour If you are unable to play, please remember to cancel your reservation so another group can have that court time
  • You will be asked to leave after your time is completed so appropriate measures can be taken to clean any necessary items and areas
  • In the event of rain the club’s voice mail will be changed to reflect if we will be closed for play
  • Wash your hands prior to and after playing
  • Lobby restrooms will be available one person at a time
  • No coaching or lessons at this time

Any member in violation of our outdoor tennis guidelines will be asked to leave the Club and may result in suspension of membership.


Governor Hogan had a press conference today stating some very important and good news. While stating that outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, fishing, camping, etc., can take place, he also stated it in a manner that does not have us open the Club for tennis as of yet. Please read an excerpt from WTOP regarding Hogan's press conference below:

During the briefing, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan also shared updates that the state appeared to be on track to begin “Phase One” of his reopening plan, possibly as soon as next week.
Though the stay-at-home order has not been revoked, Hogan did say that Maryland will begin opening access to certain outdoor activities, such as golf, tennis, camping, fishing, boating, state park facilities, beaches and other activities where access is controlled by the state government, starting Thursday morning.
Because we are not controlled by the state government as described above, we remain closed until we are told that we can reopen along with other small businesses within the state of Maryland.
We are working on getting outdoor tennis courts ready for play at this time with the intention of having outdoor courts available to you once we are given the green light to reopen. If our COVID-19 numbers continue to decline next week as Governor Hogan stated, it appears as though we may have a green light to open soon. Until then, we will keep working toward ensuring you have a safe Club to return.


I certainly hope this message finds you all doing well. I know this situation we are in has been and continues to be difficult. I want to thank each and every one of you for participating in the “stay at home” mandate and helping to slow the spread of Covid-19. I am grateful that you are playing your part in ensuring those of us at high-risk are being kept safe.
I also wanted to inform you that we will not be processing dues once again. I hope this eases any angst you may have regarding your Club monthly dues. For those of you who have paid annually, we will be extending your annual payment by the number of months that we are closed for business.
A huge “shout out” to our members that are on medical teams and are facing Covid-19 on a daily basis. You are amazing people and we are proud to have you as part of our AHC family. You are an inspiration to me and very likely to many others!
On Friday, April 24, Governor Hogan put out his reopening plan. It appears to be a three phased plan. Although we don’t know when Phase #1 will begin, we know that it includes outdoor activities of sorts.
Outdoor tennis is on the list of activities that can resume. The tennis bubble was removed a week ago and we will be ready to have those four courts open for play when we are given the go-ahead with Phase #1. We will have restrictions but at this time I do not have those outlined for you; however, I will have a plan outlined soon.
Outdoor fitness may be on the Phase #1 plan as well and if so, we will figure out a way to make that happen in one capacity or another.
Regarding indoor activities, that appears to be in Phase #2. Phase #2 is based on when Phase #1 begins and is completed. At the current rate of Covid-19 cases in our region, it will be several weeks before Phase #2 begins.
All I can ask is that you hang tight until we all have more information. Stay tuned, more to come by the end of the week.
Stay safe!
Danielle Bouchard, GM



I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who have contributed to our Labor Fund. The support of our members means the world to the team. They are forever grateful as am I.

We know these are difficult times for you as well. We miss the day-to-day as much as you, if not more. For us, service and fitness is ingrained in who we are. Not being able to see you and provide all of those services is quite painful. For the most part, the team consists of extroverted people and when extroverts can’t be with other people, well…it’s much more difficult!

For those of you who follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you are likely seeing posts from team members that you usually would not see. In order to continue our connection with you, I have asked the directors to pitch in and write things that would provide you a little insight on who they are outside of the Club, along with things they are doing during this time of quarantine while helping to provide a glimmer of hope! And to add more glimmers of hope please continue to enjoy the virtual classes and tutorials that we are offering. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Blog, and Website.

Lastly, I wish I could answer the question that I have been asked more recently… “when do you think the Club will reopen?” Like you, I don’t know but I sure hope to see you sooner than later!

Please continue to keep safe and healthy. We can’t wait to get back to it!

  • Danielle, GM


Dear Member,
I hope this message finds you all doing well and staying healthy. As you know, the Aspen Hill Club has stopped membership dues from being processed until the Club reopens. We certainly understand this is a difficult time for all. Whether it is a financial difficulty or the simple fact of missing your daily activity, personal contact with your closest friends, or the day-to-day routine you developed at the Club, we miss it all along with you and feel the financial burden as well.
Please know that the Aspen Hill Club did pay the team through March 31, 2020 and continues to provide payroll to those that continue to provide services and are able to work remotely. Many of you have asked if there is a way that you can contribute to help cover payroll costs. For those of you that would like to and can help, we have created a link in which you can do so. This Labor Fund will help in defraying payroll costs that have been incurred since our closure and those moving forward.
To donate, click HERE. Once you click on the link, you will be sent to an email address where you will reply with your name, amount you would like to contribute, and method of payment. Billing your account for the Labor Fund would be simplest as we have that information on file. However, if you elect a different payment method, you can state that in your email and a call will be placed to assist you in that process. This amount will appear as an Aspen Hill Club Labor Fund Contribution on the May 1, 2020 statement. This is an optional donation and any amount can help.
I thank you in advance for anything you can do to support us and our continued effort during this time.
Stay safe and healthy!
Danielle Bouchard and our AHC Team


Many of you have inquired if pool construction has continued during this mandated closure. Prior to the mandated closure from Governor Hogan, we had uncovered that our existing pool roof would need to be replaced. That discovery was not anticipated from either a construction or financial perspective.  Prior to closing, we did have engineers and architect’s review and inspect the roof. We have since run into another issue regarding the roof and method of replacement. Once plans can be devised, those will be sent for permitting. Based on recent conversations, I sense these two processes will take several weeks.

I do understand that many of you have been hopeful that we would be returning to a completed project. I have been hoping for the same; although, I believe that may not be a likely scenario. I will keep you informed as I am provided more information over the upcoming weeks.

As always, I thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. More importantly, I hope that you are keeping safe and as healthy as possible.

The team and I hope to see you soon!


Danielle Bouchard, GM

Aspen Hill Club


Dear Member, 

I hope this message finds you well, although I know it is difficult to be isolated and away from your AHC family, it is best for us all. The team and I hope that we can see you soon and get back to our day-to-day routine!

We are in the process of generating statements for products and services that were purchased March 2 through March 16, 2020.  As you know, your invoice is usually sent to you via the mail; however, at this time, we are processing invoices remotely which means we are not in the office at the Aspen Hill Club.  That makes the normal process of sending invoices via the regular postal mail difficult. Also note:  You are not being billed for your monthly dues at this time.  

Our alternative at this time is to send your invoice to you via email.  We understand that some of you have not provided your email address to us as of yet. In order to provide you with an accurate accounting of your purchases made March 2 through March 16, 2020, we are requesting that you send your email address to:

Having your email address will ensure that we provide you with information necessary regarding your Aspen Hill Club account. This invoice will be the last one you receive until the Club is open again which we hope takes place soon.

Until we see you again, please be safe and stay healthy.


Danielle Bouchard, GM

Aspen Hill Club


Dear Members,
The continued evolving events related to COVID-19 have unsettled us all. While we are confident that the Aspen Hill Club and its members and staff are diligent and resilient enough to withstand the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to know that we are facing this hardship together. With that said, we will not be processing your membership dues scheduled to be billed on April 1, 2020. Any purchases made between March 2 through March 16, prior to our mandated closure will be processed on April 1, 2020 which will appear on your next statement.
We thank you in advance for your continued support. The team misses its Aspen Hill Club members and our day-to-day contact with you. We are working toward keeping you engaged in one format or another with social media, Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram along with our website. We can’t wait to see you again!
We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available to us.
Stay safe and healthy!
Danielle Bouchard and your AHC Team

Dear Members,
We understand you have questions regarding your membership account or status.  We are still working on how we will proceed in the next week regarding member accounts.  It is important that we reach out collectively and not individually at this time.  We ask for your patience and promise to get back to you with a response regarding your membership.
Thank you

Dear Member,
Today is day one of our Club closure as mandated by Governor Hogan. These are certainly difficult times for you and for our AHC Team.
We do hope that you are practicing social distancing and are doing what you can to remain healthy and virus free. By doing so, it will provide us an opportunity to get back to business sooner rather than later, something we all look forward to.
AHC will ensure that members will be made whole for the closure related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Once we know how long the closure will be, we will then be able to assess what will take place. During this closure, all voice mails and emails will be returned once the Club reopens. We thank you in advance for your patience regarding this.
We hope this message finds you doing well and not struggling too much with the recent demands. If and when you can, take a nice walk outside, stretch when possible, use those extra cans of soup you have in your cabinets as weights and continue to maintain your fitness. Ultimately, it will help your overall wellbeing!
Hope to see you soon.
Danielle Bouchard and your AHC Team


Dear Member,

We realize that this is a challenging time for all which makes this announcement more difficult to make.  Governor Hogan has mandated that all gyms close by 5:00pm today.  With that said, the Club will be closing at 5:00pm until we are told we can re-open.

We support the Governor’s decision as it is important that we protect our team and the members.  We ask that you continue to do your part in staying healthy and minimizing exposure.

Many of you will have questions about refunds for classes, court time and other prepaid items.  Once we are clear on our date to reopen, we will then be better prepared to assess the answer to those questions.  In reference to that, we do ask for your continued patience.

We will continue to keep you updated via social media and other methods of communication.  We ask that you not send emails or leave phone messages as those will not be responded to during this time as our team will not be at the Club during this time of closure.

Thank you for your continued support during this very difficult time.

Best of health,

Danielle Bouchard & Your AHC Team

Danielle Bouchard

General Manager

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