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Get results faster with Aspen Hill Clubs Personal Trainers

Personal Training

Reach your goals faster with our professional, knowledgeable personal trainers. Your personal trainer will customize a program specifically for you, with your goals in mind - whether you want be stronger, lose weight, increase energy or just feel better - get the support, knowledge and motivation you need to get there.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Achieve your goals faster and get the motivation you need with a workout partner. Share the cost and push together toward a common goal - working out has never been more fun, or more rewarding!

Group Personal Training

Do you love the social aspect of working out in a group working toward a common goal? Then small group training is for you! The Aspen Hill Club has several small group training options to fit your goals. It is not only cost effective - it's motivational, it's fun and it gets results!

For more information or to sign up for personal training, contact John Kecman

301-598-5200 ext. 123

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Whether you are just starting a new exercise regime or you are a hard charging exercise enthusiastic, we have a fitness program for you.

Fitness Programs

Commit to Get Fit is a 6-week group workout challenge. You get 10 different workouts every week and 7 different trainers keeping you accountable. Get started now for a pro-rated fee. We'll be giving a Fitbit Charge to who ever loses the highest % of their body weight.

​We know getting into a NEW routine with NEW people at a NEW gym is UNCOMFORTABLE, which is why we encourage you to give this program a try! Our trainers will help you create relationships with the regulars, other new members and themselves. These relationships are proven to make you three times more likely to stick to your goals and see results. Statistics also show that 80% of gym members will give up on their goals within 5 months of joining, which is why we are giving all NEW MEMBERS from December and January 30% off the cost of this program!

We believe when you surround yourself with positive, like minded people, you will succeed!


Fitness Classes

Boot Camp ($): Class includes core training and exercises to improve aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Offered Monday at 7:00pm with Craig and Saturday at 10:00am with Brian

Brakin’ Aerobic Barriers with Brian W: Burn more calories in less time and challenge your current aerobic routine. The class is 45-minutes and will teach effective ways to use our cardio machines beyond the “Quick Start” setting.

Circuit Training and Abs with Craig: The class emphasis is high rep (with 30-second rest) between sets. Exercises will include but are not limited to jump rope and hand weights to name a few.

Senior Silver Workout: Class designed for the mature exerciser. The focus is exercise form, function and will include a strength section.

For more information or to sign up for fitness programming, contact Dana Shorb

301-598-5200 ext. 123