Professional Clothing Drive – April 2018

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Professional Clothing and Supply Drives Benefiting A Wider Circle – Your Loss Is Our Gain!

Donations accepted April 1st to April 30th, 2018.

Donate your clean, lightly used professional attire and accessories to support A Wider Circle’s Center for Professional Development, which provides business attire for anyone who is seeking to enter the workforce and does not have the funds to make that transition by themselves. We are looking for attire that would help someone look polished and professional for a job interview.
We currently have the greatest need for the following items:
 Women’s professional clothing sizes 16 and larger
 Men’s suits and blazers sizes 46 and larger and size 36 and smaller
 Men’s shoes and belts
 Men’s NEW dress socks
 Professional purses and briefcases
General Donation Guidelines:
Men’s Apparel:
 Suits and blazers
 Dress pants
 Dress shirts and ties
 New and gently used shoes
 Accessories such as briefcases, belts, tie clips, cuff links, etc.
Women’s Apparel:
 Dresses
 Blouses and sweaters
 Dress pants and skirts
 Blazers and suits
 New and gently used shoes
 Accessories such as dress scarves, purses, jewelry, and new, packaged hosiery
Please ensure all donations are:
 Appropriate for a professional interview
 Clean and on hangers
 Free from stains, tears, or holes
 Seasonally appropriate
 In-style
When you donate your items in the Tennis Office, please complete a donor form and take a tax receipt letter.

Leptin: The Controller of Your Appetite

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By Joanne Pérodin, certified nutritionist and trainer specialized in weight loss


Leptin is a hormone created in fat cells and helps your body to recognize how hungry it is, determine whether to hold on to weight. Leptin also works with hormones including thyroid, cortisol, and insulin.


Leptin is most active in your brain but has receptors all over your body. When you finish eating a meal, leptin is released in your body and travels towards the part of your brain that regulates appetite, the hypothalamus. Once there, the leptin bonds with leptin receptors to switch your appetite on or off. When your appetite is switched off, you stop being hungry and your body starts burning more calories.


There are couple factors that can impact the regulation of leptin production:


  • You can be born with low levels of leptin. As a result, at a young age, one can become severely obese.
  • High body fat can increase the production of leptin. Excessive production of leptin resulting from overeating can wear out leptin receptors. As a result, these receptors will stop recognizing leptin. This condition is called leptin resistance, therefore the appetite switch does not turn off when it should. Subsequently, one will remain hungry and their metabolism will slow down.


Losing a little bit of weight will increase your body sensitivity to leptin and get you back to being able to control your hunger.
Conditions associated with leptin disorder: diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, gallstones, testosterone deficiency, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high blood lipids.


Things that can lead to leptin disorder: aging, lack of sleep, obesity, smoking, stress, high trans-fat diet, high carb (bad carb) diet, abdominal fat.


ACES Fundraiser and Tennis Social

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Save the Date for our Fourth Annual ACES Tennis Scholarship Fundraiser & Social!


Event: 4th Annual ACES Tennis Scholarship & Social
Date: Friday, April 13th, 2018
Time: 6:00 – 10:00pm
Early Bird Registration Deadline: Monday, April 2nd, 2018
*Cost increases to $60 per person effective Tuesday, April 3rd
Deadline to register: Friday, April 6th, 2018
The Fred Sommer ACES Tennis Scholarship, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with the goal to provide year round needs-based scholarships so that children may benefit from the social, emotional and physical growth that accompanies sports participation.
Includes: dinner, one drink ticket, a $35 tax-deductible donation to the Fred Sommer ACES Scholarship Fund, Inc. and 1.5 hours of tennis donated by the Aspen Hill Club. Pre-registration required.
Registration forms available in the Tennis Hallway and online.
Questions: Contact Alex at ext. 119 or